HBO Max’s Trials In Fixing The Bug On Apple TV

Using the HBO Max app has been giving some Apple TV 4K owners difficulty. More specifically, while attempting to stream content, the app displays a “can’t play title” warning. HBO has acknowledged that it is already working on a patch, even if the fault hasn’t yet been fixed. The update should be available very shortly.

The issue appears to only affect tvOS 16.1-powered Apple TV units of all generations. The most recent update of the application is defective while streaming content (HDR),  for an unidentified cause, which results in an unexpected glitch. According to HBO, the business is cognizant of the flaw and is working on a remedy. The HBO development crew advised users to keep exploring for updates to the tvOS app, which signals that the fix could be accessible within the next couple of days, according to the article.

Alternative Options  Figured By Apple TV Users To Fix The HBO Max Bug

Users have discovered a hack to keep streaming HBO Max in the impacted Apple TVs while HBO fixes the update. Since the issue is with HDR video, redirecting Apple TV from its general mode to SDR mode eliminates the error notification (albeit you’ll lose high dynamic range in the process).

One may accomplish this by selecting the Video and Audio option in Settings on their Apple TV. After that, switch the Format to SDR from HDR, disable Match Content, and disable  Match Frame Rate and Match Dynamic Range.

It also works for some customers to make Apple TV run in 720p or 1080p formats. These are obviously not the best options.

HBO Max updated its iOS application in August, adding SharePlay compatibility, a redesigned Shuffle button, along with space specifically for downloaded media or content, improved tablet support, stability improvements, and a more streamlined design. With regard to tvOS 16.1, the new update adds assistance for the updated Matter standard for smart home tools, a redesigned Siri interface for Apple owners, and the Siri command while using AirPods.The app is available for free download on the App store for HBO Max users.