Here are five ways to find songs in Apple Music

Since its launch in 2012, Apple Music has become one of Apple’s highest net-earning services each year for its minimalist design, music quality, and exclusive content. Therefore, in this article, we are going to see different ways in which you can search for your favorite song from Apple Music.

Search by text

In all versions for different operating systems, Apple Music has a seeker that allows you to search for songs in Apple Music through the text search function. To search for the artist you’re looking for, simply enter a keyword, such as an artist name, song title, or album title, into the search bar on the top of the page. upper part of the application. Apple will take care of the rest.

Apple Music, uses all the scientific knowledge of Apple, using algorithms for smart search of artists, songs and albums. Also, you can use the search engine and type part of the lyrics of a song, and Apple Music will show you the songs that match that fragment.

Voice search with Siri

Siri, the longest-lived virtual assistant, is in perfect sync with Siri. By saying the magic words “He Siri” along with the message “play the latest Elvelking or Kamelot album”, Siri will play the music, stay tuned.


Another of its advantages that Siri has is that it can help you identify songs that are playing in your environment, you can ask Siri to indicate the song that is playing through the following command: “Hey Siri”, what song is playing?

Categories of genres and moods

Apple Music, offers a exclusive section to enhance carefully curated playlists for different moods or activities. For example, you can find playlists to train, relax, focus or enjoy a night out.


To access these categories, go to the section “Explore”in the app and select the tab “Genders” or “Moods.” Then choose the category that interests you the most and immerse yourself in a world of music tailored to your specific preferences and situations.


The charts is one of the best Apple sites to listen and discover different songs worldwide and underground. To go to this section, you have to go to the section of “Explore”. Here you will find an option called “Hits”.


Once inside, you can filter charts by different categories, which will allow you to discover the most popular songs in different geographical areas or within a specific genre, where you can see the songs that make it up, ordered according to their popularity. Now you can add a song you like on the charts, you can easily add it to your playlists or Apple Music library so it’s always close at hand.


Apple Music knows you and makes a system of recommendations based on your tastes and listening habits. When you browse the “For You” section, you can see a custom playlist, which includes albums and songs that might interest you. The recommendations that you like the most allows you to create and share a playlist so that you always have it at hand, as well as being able to share it with your friends and family.

apple music recommendations

By way of conclusion, thanks to Apple Music you can discover new artists, search for new songs and above all, create lists of your favorite songs. Without a doubt, it isthe best service that Apple has today and, proof of this, is that it does not stop growing.