Here are some iOS 16 features coming this year

Throughout the iOS 16 beta period, which took place between June and September of this year, Apple announced that it was postponing some of the new features of the operating system. The lack of stability, increased complexity and many other factors have been decisive in postponing some of these star features. Nevertheless, Apple expects to introduce new features in iOS 16 by the end of the year, with new updates. We tell you what those functions would be below.

iOS 16 will have new functions (that had been postponed) at the end of the year

Without a doubt, the most anticipated feature by all iPad owners is Stage Manager or Visual Organizer. Apple announced that this interface would not reach the final version of iOS 16. However, a few days ago it was confirmed that the function would arrive soon and would even be compatible with some iPads that do not have the M2 chip. A great feature coming soon.

Another of the functions officially postponed are the iCloudSharedPhotoLibrary, a function that allowed us to more easily share our images from the Photos app. Thanks to this tool, we could easily share our images with our family or friends, as well as invite up to 5 people to add, edit or delete images from a shared gallery.

iOS 16 Live Activities

It’s coming soon too Live Activities on the iOS 16 lock screen. Thanks to the expansion of development kits, developers will be able to set dynamic notifications within the lock screen. Thanks to this, the notifications could vary from content to, for example, announce a live soccer match result.

Visual Organizer (Stage Manager) in iPadOS 16

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Although it is true that the iPhone 14 have ability to connect via satellite to be able to send messages in places without coverage, iOS 16 does not yet support this technology. A future update released in November will allow iPhone 14s in the US and Canada to connect via satellite in emergency situations.

At the service level, Apple Music will soon incorporate its classical music section. On the other hand, it is also expected that Apple Fitness+ can be compatible with all devices without the need for an Apple Watch. And last but not least, work will be done to introduce collaborative boards in apps like Notes In iOS 16, in addition to that, Apple will introduce to new iPhones the possibility of seeing the percentage of battery charge directly from the battery icon.