Here the Apple Watch Series 8 is cheaper than at Apple

When buying any Apple product, users almost always look for a way to save some money, since these are certainly anything but cheap. Therefore, for all those who were looking for an Apple Watch, in this post we bring you the Series 8 with a good discount. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

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The Apple Watch is that Apple product that it seems that from the start you are not going to get much use out of it but once you buy it and introduce it into your day to day, it becomes a completely indispensable device from which you cannot separate. However, sometimes it is difficult for users to take the step of acquiring it, especially also because of the price they have, for this reason, and to finish giving that little push that many lack, in this post we bring you a great offer from the hand of MediaMarkt, so that you can save a good amount of money on the purchase of your new Apple Watch Series 8. Below we leave you the available discounts.

  • Apple Watch Series 8 GPS 45 mm: 34 euros discount.
  • Apple Watch Series 8 GPS 41 mm: 24 euros discount.

Is the Series 8 worth it?

This is the question that many users ask themselves before taking the leap and buying the Apple Watch Series 8, and the reality is that it all depends on your needs. It is a truly incredible watch, which has a large number of sensors to be able to monitor health and daily activity of the users. With it you can know your pulse at any time, as well as the oxygen you have in your blood or even make a electrocardiogram. In addition, as a novelty, this Series 8 also incorporates a body temperature sensorwhich will help improve the results of sleep measurements and, above all, will improve the results of menstrual cycle control for women.

Now, is it worth it in all cases to buy the Apple Watch Series 8? Well, the reality is that it is not. If you already have an Apple Watch Series 7 or even an Apple Watch Series 6You will hardly notice the change, especially if you are a boy, since the main novelty, which is the body temperature sensor, is completely focused on the female gender. Nevertheless, For all those who have a model with the Series 5 or lowerSurely the generation leap will end up being convincing and they end up enjoying a new Apple Watch that has a lot to offer them.

Apple WatchSeries 8

And it is that, as we mentioned previously, it is a device that ends up winning with daily use, since from the outset it seems that it does not fulfill any essential function, but it really adds small comforts that in the end do make it essential. Not to mention that if you are an active person who likes sports, this watch will provide you with many tools to continue being active and to be able to measure everything you do.