Apple Intelligence is going to revolutionize the entire Apple ecosystem, but above all our beloved Siriwhich will now be more natural, more relevant and, above all, more personal.

We start from a new interface for Siri, much less invasive and showing its typical colors along the screen frame (completely). When Siri responds, a “wave” of colors moves toward the center. Goodbye to the interface at the bottom of the screen.

Now Siri is much smarter and allows us to do much simpler actions such as creating a new event. But We can also write to Siri just by double tapping on the bottom bar of iOS.

Siri will include new features throughout the year and even You can use the information on the screen directly to request actions. For example, if you send us an address, we can ask you to take us to this address and you will know which one you are referring to. A real madness.

Apple also introduces the App Intents API to integrate Siri's intelligence into third-party apps and make them even smarter and smarter. But not only that, with our personal context, that is, what we have on our iPhone (email app, notes, etc.), Siri can “review” everything without compromising our privacy and give us information about anything if we ask for information. .

Hey Siri, now you look very, very good.