HiRise 3, the base to recharge your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch

We tested the charging base HiRise 3 by Twelve Southcompact and elegant, to recharge all your devices at the same time, occupying the minimum space.

Minimalist in every way

The design of the new HiRise 3 base is focused on occupying as little space as possible. To do this, it makes use of the MagSafe system so that the iPhone “levitates” on top of the base that supports the entire structure, together with the Apps Watch, whose charger, let’s remember, is also magnetic. In that base we also have another standard Qi charger that we can use to recharge our AirPods, or any other headset or device compatible with wireless charging. The result is a sleek, discreet charging dock with a minimal ‘footprint’, perfect for placing on any desk or nightstand, no matter how small.

The white and light gray color of the base make it very “Apple”, although it is also available in matte black. the gray coating on the charging surfaces is soft to the touch, “rubbery”, which in addition to improving the fixation of the devices, protects the surfaces we support. On the back we have a USB-C connector, the only one we need to supply power to the base and recharge all three devices simultaneously. Four adhesive feet on the base allow it to stay firmly in place and we can remove the iPhone without the base moving.

three loading zones

We have three charging surfaces: at the base, 5W and compatible with the Qi standard. Designed for AirPods you can recharge another smartphone without any problem, or any other headphones that support wireless charging. At the top we have the Apple Watch charger, which instead of the classic white disk is a small concavity covered by soft gray rubber. And after the Apple Watch charging disk we have a descending ramp that is the MagSafe area for recharging the iPhone, which obviously must be compatible.

HiRise 3 Base

When we talk about MagSafe we ​​mean “MagSafe compatible”, it is not MagSafe certified. For practical purposes this means that the recharge will be at 7.5W (its maximum power is 10w but the iPhone will only accept 7.5W at the moment), instead of the 15W it would have if it were certified. I don’t think it’s a disadvantage in a base that is designed for long recharges, even for many users it will be an advantage because they prefer slower recharges. The magnetic grip is very good, there is no risk of the iPhone falling, even when pressing the screen, thanks to the magnets and the larger surface area of ​​this charging area.

Of course, to recharge our iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods twe will have to put the power adapter, because it is not included in the box. Any USB-C 20W Power Delivery charger will suffice, and luckily we are already talking about products with very affordable prices. We can choose the Apple charger for less than €20 (link), the Anker one for the same price but smaller (link) or the UGREEN one that costs a little less (link).

Editor’s Opinion

A base with an elegant but different design, designed to take up little space, and that allows you to solve the problem of recharging three devices with a single accessory that you can place anywhere. Despite not being cheap, its price is below that of other 3-in-1 bases of similar qualities, and if you have little space, the decision is already made. You can buy it for €109 on Amazon (link).

HiRise 3
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  • HiRise 3
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  • Last modification: November 17, 2022


  • Elegant and compact design
  • MagSafe System
  • Charge indicator
  • two colors available


  • Does not include power adapter
  • Not MagSafe Certified