HomePod Mini is more alive than ever

Not a few Apple users expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the Cupertino company stopped offering the original HomePod as a purchase alternative to Amazon’s prolific Echo speakers. This contrasted and not a little with the launch of the HomePod Mini, the perfect ally for small rooms. However, since then, Apple has turned its profile in terms of sound, focusing only and slightly on the AirPod range.

The arrival of the HomePod Mini in some territories where it was not yet for sale suggests that the small Apple speaker is more alive than ever, Is this considered a second arrival of the original HomePod?

According to recent press releases from the Cupertino company, starting next Tuesday, December 13, the HomePod Mini can be purchased through the official Apple store in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Curious considering that the HomePod Mini is a device that has been with us since 2020, coinciding with the bloody COVID-19 pandemic. This will arrive with a price of 1,249 Norwegian and Swedish crowns, as well as 109 euros in the case of Finland.

In the same way, the HomePod Mini will also arrive in South Africa, although on a date that will not coincide with the Nordic countries, and that is that our friends from the African continent are going to have to wait until at least December 19.

This is in addition to the launch in Denmark for the second quarter of next year, all hand in hand with the Siri support for Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian, but not Danish, which does not have a specific date of incorporation.

It is clear that Apple does not have plans to abandon the HomePod Mini, or at least it does not seem so with this latest move, however… Does this mean that we will see a new HomePod soon?