The next update of HomePod mini to version 16.3 will activate the temperature and humidity sensor which includes, as well as the recognition of sounds such as smoke alarms to warn you of danger.

Apple has released today the “Release Candidate” version of iOS 16.3 and with it the rest of the updates for all the company’s products, including HomePods. In the notes of this update, still limited to developers, you can already find out what’s new in the final version that will reach everyone next week, and These novelties include a couple of them that will make the owners of the HomePod mini very happy: The temperature and humidity sensors that this speaker includes and that, until now, had been “asleep” without any functionality will be activated.

It has been known for a long time that Apple’s small speaker includes these sensors, but their usefulness is unknown because they were disabled. It turns out that someone appreciates that the light bulb has come on and has remembered them, and now, Two years after their release, they’re finally good for something: they’ll give you the temperature and humidity of the room the speaker is in.. These will be fully functional sensors in the Home app, giving you that information and allowing you to use it for automations, like turning on a humidifier when the room humidity drops below a certain value, or lowering the shades when the room temperature rises above a certain value. which guy do you set up


In addition to that functionality, the HomePod mini will gain another one that also brings the new HomePod that has just been launched: sound recognition. The usefulness of this new feature will be to recognize smoke or carbon monoxide alarms to notify you through a notification on your iPhone. If you have a detector and it is not compatible with HomeKit, the HomePod itself will listen to its alarm and notify you. It is not bad that a speaker with more than two years on the market receives new functions.