HomePod or HomePod mini which is better to buy now?

After the recent launch of Apple with the 2nd generation HomePod and, obviously, with the presence of the HomePod mini in Apple’s catalog of smart speakers, many users who want to buy a HomePod have doubts about which of the two models is more suitable. for the use that they are going to make of this equipment. Well, in this post we tell you everything you need to know about it.

Before starting to assess which of the two HomePod models is more suitable for you based on your needs, you have to know the differences that you will find between them. The first and most important is the sizethe HomePod mini, as its name indicates, is smaller, which inevitably affects what it is capable of generating at the level of sound, and it is that despite the fact that the HomePod mini sounds wonderful, the 2nd generation HomePod is much superior in both volume and quality. The color range It is also important to take it into account, and here the one who wins is the little one in the house, which has a wide variety while the HomePod only has two. Lastly, and most importantly, the pricethe HomePod mini costs 109 euroswhile the 2nd generation HomePod amounts to 349 euro.

For this, better HomePod mini

Once you know the main differences between these two speakers, let’s start talking about the HomePod mini. Without a doubt, this team stands out for everything that is capable of offering users for such a low pricesince not only the virtual assistant part must be taken into account, but above all, what it is capable of giving in terms of sound.

HomePod mini

We have commented that it does not reach the level of the 2nd generation HomePod, which is very high, but it certainly offers a power and sound quality of a very high level. It is ideal to place it in bedrooms, kitchens either bathrooms, even for rooms that are not very large. Also, if you get two units and create the famous stereo pair, the experience will be truly incredible. Now, for larger venues, you’ll probably need at least two HomePod minis to fill the entire venue at high volume.

On these occasions the HomePod is better

If we have said before that the HomePod mini delights all users at the sound level, imagine what the 2nd generation HomePod is capable of. Is about the evolution of the first HomePodthat although it was difficult for users to bet on it, everyone who did fell completely in love with its sound. And this speaker is a real luxury.

new black HomePod

Its price is certainly not for nothing cheapHowever, what it is capable of offering in terms of sound without a doubt makes it worth acquiring. It is ideal to be able to place it in a loungea room or anywhere in the house where you want listen to good music at a very high volume. If you also want to reach the next level, place two HomePods on each side of your Apple TV and connecting them as a stereo pair will make you enjoy both music and your favorite series or movies like never before.