The HomePod is one of the products that goes most unnoticed by users year after year. The lack of updating and promotion by Apple also does not help, nor does the immense competition for smart speakers from other companies like Amazon. However, Apple continues with its software updates and the HomePod will most likely receive this week version 17.4 which introduces a big change that makes Siri smarter since it will allow determine the user's preferred streaming music service and it will play all the songs directly on that service, without having to specify in the Settings what that service is.

HomePod 17.4's Siri will analyze the user's preferred music service

The HomePod operating system is a variant of iOS but Apple has never specified it as such but instead speaks of HomePod Software Version. There are many rumors around homeOS, a supposed new operating system that could combine the advantages of tvOS and iOS on a HomePod with a screen. But until now, Software updates normally occur at the same time as iOS updates.

Homepod with iPad mini screen

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In the next few days we will see the new version iOS 17.4 and it also brings with it the HomePod software version 17.4 that has gone unnoticed but that includes a transcendental novelty for users who have a HomePod in their hands:

This update lets Siri know your preferred media service, so you no longer need to include the media app name in your request.

Until now, users had to determine in a menu on their device which streaming service was used by default. If you want to play content with another service other than the one associated by default We had to ask them explicitly. For example: “Siri, play 'Demons' on Pandora.” This was slightly unpleasant for users and will change with version 17.4 because Siri will detect which music service the user prefers and will always use that to play songs without the need to specify it in the request.