HomePods already recognize smoke alerts and act accordingly

In January 2023 when the new HomePods were announced, it was promised that the two existing models on the market, the HomePod and the HomePod mini, would be able to recognize smoke alerts and act accordingly. Right now, this feature is already available and you’ll want to turn it on, because it’s one of those features that you hope will never have to be used, but if it does, if it prompts you quickly, can do a lot of good.

Both HomePod and HomePod mini have gained a feature that can help save lives. With this premise, surely you want to install and activate it as soon as possible. A feature that was promised to be present in Apple speaker models and was promised in January 2023, at the same time as when the HomePod 2 was announced. Right now it is finally available for all models.

We are referring to the function that when the HomePod hears an alarm sound, such as a smoke alarm, for example, it will notify you so that you know exactly what is happening even if you are not at home at the time. Sending an alert to the user’s iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. All this is configured through the Home application.

It should be noted that neither the HomePod nor the HomePod mini contain a smoke detector, so this relies entirely on soundwhich means users must have a smoke alarm for this to work.

In order to activate this function, we open the Home application and select the HomePod. By clicking on it, we will have to enter sound recognition and activate where it says smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. By the way, do not forget to activate the notifications from Home, because if not, we will not receive the alert.