How can you remove iCloud from iPhone?

iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage and services platform. Thanks to this system you can centralize all the information you have as a user so that with a simple Internet connection you can have all that information on any Apple device. However, in this post we are going to see a different and unusual case, which is the removing iCloud from your iPhone.

Delete iCloud account

Deleting your iCloud account makes sense if you want to give away or sell your iPhone to prevent access to information. iCloud, stores all information about us, including all photographs. Therefore, its complete elimination is very important to prevent new users from accessing our information.

The process to completely unlink iPhone from your iCloud account takes a total of four steps which we are going to describe below.

  1. To delete an iCloud account, we have to go to System Settings and click on our profile.
  2. Within our profile, all the devices that we have linked to our iCloud account appear. Click on the window iphone and we agree to it.
  3. Next, it appears several options inside our iPhone. Click on the option to log out. Regardless of the fact that different devices appear, only the device on which we are executing the procedure is closed.
  4. Finally, the next step would be close the transfer of iCloud on our iPhone. Once this process is complete, any link that your iPhone has with other devices will be completely removed. It is also interesting to deactivate the option of Search my Iphonebeforehand so that your disassociation is complete.

One more step, restore the device from the iPhone itself.

To restore your iPhone you have to follow a series of steps attached below and they are a step of confirmation to prevent any of our information from being stored on the device. Do not worry if it is your first time, because they are very simple steps to carry out and you will not have any problem applying. The steps are the following:

Reset iPhone

  1. you have to go to Settings, General and we go to the section that says “transfer or restore the iPhone”. Then tap Erase all content and settings.
  2. If prompted, enter the password for the Apple IDor the code
  3. Wait for the device perform the whole process.

Consequences of disabling iCloud

Disabling or removing all pairing from your iPhone has consequences, as all the information that is stored in the Apple cloud will no longer be available on the device. It is true that before disconnecting you can make a backup copy of the device, but if you do it once the process has been executed, the copy will be stored on the iPhone and not in the cloud. Therefore, the most recommended option is Before you turn off iCloud on your device, make a backup copy of the device in order to have the information stored before it is disconnected.

iPhone 13 Pro green

You can delete the iCloud account from any Apple device, that is, you can delete the iPhone account from the Mac and vice versa. You can also sign out of iCloud from windows from the iCloud for Windows window.

Let us know in the comments if you have ever had the need to remove the connection between iPhone and iCloud.