How competing with your friends on watchOS helps improve your physical activity

The recommendations to exercise are included in almost any aspect of our life. There are many benefits that it brings us and that is why technology will also be part of improving our physical activity. An example of this is watchOS and the Apple Watch with tools like Health or reminder notifications. Small details are what motivate users to keep completing the exercises and eventually get moving. However, one more element of watchOS are the competitions, one more step to motivate ourselves by facing our friends to see who can move the most in a week.

Compete with your friends on watchOS, one more element of everyday life

The physical activity is essential in our day to day. The World Health Organization recommendations for adults ages 18 to 64 are moderate aerobic physical activity for at least 150 to 300 minutes a week or vigorous physical activity for at least 75 to 150 minutes. Thanks to technological tools and devices such as the Apple Watch it is easier to get that stimulus to start and maintain a suitable physical activity.

In fact, one of the aspects that is not normally taken into account when analyzing watchOS is he impact of competitions between friends. watchOS introduces a section in its Fitness app called Share. Within this menu we can add our friends who also have Apple Watch. From this moment, knowledge of your activity, standing and exercise data begins.

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We will be notified daily of our friends’ successes: when they complete a ring, when they receive an award, when they do a physical activity, etc. The user can decide which aspects to make known to their friends and which not. However, there is one more element that makes the difference: the competitions. Apple makes available to users through watchOS an individual competition system.

Apple Watch Ultra Diving

This competition it wins getting points. These points are achieved: standing, exercising or moving. The three rings that support the Apple Watch concept allow you to earn a maximum of 600 points per day. This system encourages users to try to beat their friends in various competitions, and it is still one more element to increase the level of physical exercise among users.

Competitions can be started by selecting a friend from the Share section of the Fitness app and tapping on “Compete”. When the opponent answers, she will start the competition and will do so the next day. One week after the start of the competition, each user will receive a notification of the result of the competition. In addition, the result of the competition can be seen daily from the Apple Watch itself.