How do I know if my Apple Watch band is waterproof?

If you are going to buy an Apple Watch, you have to know that, despite the fact that the body of the watch is waterproof, not all the straps are. Similarly, if you already have an Apple Watch, you may be wondering if the band you already have can get wet or can be exposed to moisture and liquids. So in this post we are going to see what materials and models of straps should not be exposed to water.

Why not all straps are strong

The Apple Watch is usually understood as the union of the watch itself (the case) and the strap it is wearing. Starting with Apple Watch Series 2, all watch cases have some type of resistance the water. And if we focus on the Apple Watch Ultra, this watch model is the most resistant of all.

Although the boxes are prepared so that they are not damaged by water and liquids, the straps are another story. Many of them withstand this type of exposure without having to be damaged. Nevertheless, some building materials are not intended to get wet. And if we expose them to water or liquids, they can end up being damaged and, incidentally, they can end up affecting the watch itself.

Regarding watch straps, Apple has several different categories, which are based on the way we wear the strap, the manufacturing materials, and whether they are modular (or not). In addition, exclusive strap collections are also available, with collaborations with third-party brands such as Nike or Hermès. These collections are:

  • Single Loop Strap: in one piece and created in hot silicone.
  • Braided Solo Loop: in one piece and made of recycled fibers
  • sport strap: with closing buckle and created in fluoroelastomer
  • Created to challenge the limits: Apple Watch Ultra bands (Loop Alpine, Loop Trail and Ocean)
  • Sport Loop: with adjustable closure and made of nylon
  • Nike Sports Strap: with closing buckle, breathable and made of fluoroelastomer
  • Nike Sport Loop: with adjustable closure and created in flexible nylon
  • Fur: straps made of leather
  • Stainless steel: stainless steel alloys, gold, silver and graphite
  • Hermes Casaque: with closing buckles, made of leather
  • Hermès leather strap: made of leather
  • Hermès Simple Tour Jumping Strap: made of braided nylon

You can’t get these straps wet

Once we have the Apple Watch strap collections, we are going to see which of them are not waterproof. To begin with, all the straps in the Leather and Stainless Steel collections are not waterproof. The straps of the Correa Hermès leather collection cannot get wet either, since the construction material is leather. From the Hermès Casaque collection, the model that is not waterproof is the Apple Watch Hermès Double Tour Casaque strap in Swift leather in Orange / Blanc color.

exclusive dials watch hermes

All other straps are waterproof, thanks to their construction materials. That is why, if you have any of the straps that we have mentioned just before, know that you will not be able to get them wet. Similarly, keep in mind that you should always properly dry your watch strap after it has gotten wet.