How likely is it that someone will unlock my FaceID?

However, this put a lot of doubt on the security of users, since, at first, many people thought that with a photo or another type of system, even if we were sleeping, they could unlock our iPhone.

This did not happen, and it was proven to be more reliable than it seemed, even Tim Cook himself said that it was more secure than a fingerprint, but how right is he? What is the probability that they will make fun of us?

Is FaceID really secure?

According to Apple, the probability of a random person unlocking our FaceID is 1 in 1 million. She's pretty short, but what's a random person? It is clear that if we choose the first person at random on the street, it is very difficult for him to look like us, but a brother? A family member?

Here things change, and it has been demonstrated on multiple occasions how a twin can unlock his brother's iPhone without any problem, and even between similar family members, without being identical.

So is it really safe? Well, it will depend on each person's situation. If you don't have siblings, cousins, or parents who are very similar to you, FaceID will be the most secure system you can have. A PIN or pattern is very easy to be seen by another person nearby, by a security camera, or even randomly, however, your face is not.

In summary, the FaceID system has 1/1,000,000 of being insecureHowever, if you have siblings, especially if they are twins, be careful, it is very easy for them to access your iPhone, especially if they comb their hair or groom themselves to look more like you.

And it is even the company itself that tells us this on its website, ensuring that young people or people who are not fully developed are also more vulnerable.

The statistical probability is higher (and increases even more if Face ID is used with a mask) for twins and siblings who look like you, and among those under 13 years old, since their distinctive facial features may not have fully developed . If this concerns you, we recommend using a code to authenticate.

So now you know, it is now up to you which security method you use. Apple has one of the most reliable systems, but it is not infallible. Will they improve with the following versions, or do you think it will never be possible to really distinguish between two twins?

And to you, has it ever happened to you that someone has accessed your iPhone? Have you tested this function with family or friends to see if it really is safe? Do you think there is any other way to improve the privacy of our data? ? Leave us a comment with any of your experiences.