How Long Apple Will Keep Its iPhone SE In The Market?

It has been in the news that Apple will launch the updated version of the iPhone SE in the Spring Event of the company. This is the first event of Apple in the year 2022 which will likely be held on 8th March. The price of the new version of the iPhone SE will be $399 which will be more than the current model. However, people are wondering whether the company will drop the price of the iPhone SE older model and keep it on the market. 

Perks And Cons Of iPhone SE Older Version

Mark Gurman, in his post in the ‘Power On’ newsletter, stated that most likely Apple will keep the model and reduce its price by $199. This reduction in the price of the product might grab the customers of India, South America, and Africa as these populations look for a smarter Android phone at a cheaper cost. The phones of the iPhone have been costed below $200 which is a shock as the new iPhone SE is the cheapest model of that version. In the view of Gurman, the parts of the phone might cost less to Apple which is why they are even considering lowering its price even more. 

Apple is never interested to sell cheap iPhones in the market, rather it plans on lowing the high prices of their products once new devices are launched to make the older ones more available to the customers. Gurman argues that selling the old SE model at $199 will increase revenue and sales in developing markets. This device will also allow the company to update the iPod touch which has gone several years without any improvement. The 32GB iPod touch is sold for $199 and hence the iPhone SE with a $199 price will be a reasonable deal. As per Ming-Chi-Kuo, the analyst of Apple stated that this new iPhone SE model will be the cheapest 5G phone.