How long does the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Max battery really last? We analyze it

If you regularly read this portal, you have read that in recent weeks I have said that the iPhone 15 battery does not last as long as sources say or Apple itself claimed, giving the impression that it is a device that, although it does not heat up in excess and only at specific times, does not manage resources efficiently, resulting in quite significant battery wear, going from almost two days of duration to approximately a day and a half in the best of cases. Therefore, in this article, we are going to answer the following: How long does the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro battery really last?

Battery comparison

By carefully analyzing the Twitter comments of recent days, we want to honestly respond to this problem by directly testing both devices. We have carried out different tests, from listen to music even playing very demanding video games like Call Off Duty. Let’s see the results below.

How has your performance been?

I really don’t know how to take this, but some very strange issues have arisen during testing. The first results we have are that both the iPhone 15 and the Pro model have aa duration of more than 10 hours of active screen, That is, 10 hours in a row without stopping using the device.

This shows that the iPhone 15 battery if it lasts, giving the impression that the performance and the reduction in its autonomy is more due to third-party applications such as X or Instagram, because in video game tests, it offers very top performance and very interesting resource management. Yes, the A17 Pro chip is noticeable, but don’t think that it is a marvel compared to the A16 Bionic chip, at least in the Call Of Duty or Oceanhorn 2

We also notice some warming coming from the games we have used. This is something that will happen to all devices and even more so if we play video games that have a large graphic load as we have described previously. Playing Defender III is not the same as playing Apple Arcade’s Oceanhorn 2.

Of course, one thing that caught my attention is that the iPhone 15 Pro Max suffers like a kind of warming stabilizationThat is, as we play, its battery reduces while, in the base model, the temperature is maintained at all times.

After the first two hours, the iPhone 15 had a battery life of 89% while the iPhone 15 Pro Max had a battery life of 87%. However, the curious thing is that, after four hours, the autonomy of the iPhone 15 was at 67%, while the iPhone 15 was at 62%. Remember when I said that the temperature of the 15 Pro was reduced, it seems that as time goes by, the new processor manages resources better and can use less battery.

We also carry out tests with other apps Like the camera application, during periods of one hour it spent 25% compared to 18% for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This means that in processes complex and continuous, Apple’s new processor is much more efficient than the A16 Bionic and means that it does not need to extract all of its performance to give a good result, while the previous processor does.

Now, we have seen heavy applications, But how does it work in lightweight applications? The results are incredible, since applications such as X, clock, Instagram, the iPhone 15 used fewer resources than the pro Max model. For example, on Twitter, it spent 6% compared to 7% for Apple’s top-of-the-range model.