How many straps does Apple sell on its official website?

The great attraction of the Apple Watch is the customization that you can carry out with its different straps and, best of all, is that they are reusable between Apple Watch of different generations. Therefore, in this post, we are going to analyze how many types of straps Apple sells on its official website.

The Apple Watch strap catalog is one of the accessories that are updated the most throughout the year, due to promotions and strap releases at certain times of the year such as summer, autumn or spring. Within this wide range, straps can be divided into different styles, materials, and colors, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their preferences and needs. Among the options most popular are:

Single Loop Straps

this type of straps were the latest in going to market. These straps are made up of a silicone plastic that allows them to stretch and fit around the wearer’s wrist without the need for a clasp or buckle.

The idea of ​​this type of straps is to provide a secure and comfortable fit so that it adapts perfectly to the size of the owner’s wrist. Currently, they are the straps that currently include the most variations, such as the basic Solo Loop, braided Solo Loop and Solo Loop Sport.

sports straps

The Apple Watch is a product for playing sports and, therefore, the sports straps made of high quality fluoroelastomer, which are a type of liquid silicone straps, elastic and comfortable. They are the classic straps that everyone has worn at some time and which were one of the first versions of straps for the Apple Watch.


This type of straps adapts perfectly to the wrist contour. Within this segment, we find the Nike Sport straps, which are straps that are designed for high-performance athletes with small holes to better perspire sweat.

Leather or leather and stainless steel straps

Leather or leather straps are designed for users looking to have an Apple Watch is a complement to your daily clothing. Therefore, these types of leather straps have a much more sober and sophisticated with a stainless steel clasp. In turn, they are also made up of various styles, such as the classic clasp strap, the braided leather strap and the modern buckle ink strap.


Finally, we mention the stainless steel straps, which are designed for those users who seek to have an Apple Watch with certain touches to which more classic watches. This type of straps These straps add a touch of distinction and durability to the Apple Watch due to its stainless steel materials with a detachable and magnetic closure.

Finally, we cannot ignore the exclusive straps that Apple offers as Color RED And that part of the profits goes to the fight against AIDS and, currently, to the war in Ukraine. In addition, we also have to highlight the series Hermes or Nikewhich offer exclusive straps that reflect the style and elegance of both brands.