How many years can a MacBook last in good condition?

Well, today we are going to see the average life of an Apple computer, in acceptable conditions, thus analyzing how often should you buy a new one and renew it. Although I already told you that it will take a long time.

How many years does a Mac last?

This answer will depend on many factorsit is clear that a person who uses it daily to telework or study for 8 hours is not the same as someone who has it for leisure, and puts on a couple of movies on Sundays.

Now, assuming that you treat it well and that use is standard, how long can it last? Well then, According to Apple, it can last up to 12 yearsat which point they usually mark their devices as obsolete.

In my case, and as a personal opinion, after having several computers, your useful life in about 6-8 years, with intensive use and taking care of the battery. I recently sold my old 2014 MacBook Air to a friend, and it worked great for watching series and movies, which was what I was looking for, and with still very good battery life.

And the thing is that Apple is made of a different stuff, since I can't imagine a computer from another brand, after 10 years, with a battery that lasts long enough to watch a 3-hour movie, when many of them don't even buy them. they get.

Of course, whenever you can, do like me, use your MacBook connected to the power, thus avoiding battery degradation and its charging cycles, since if you use a computer little, it can last 10 years, but if you don't take care of the battery , will be the first thing you notice, and they are not exactly cheap.

In summary, a MacBook could last from 5 to 10 yearsdepending on Apple's updates and your care, but well, in short, and no matter how badly you treat it, a laptop of this brand lasts much longer compared to others, and you can sell it after a while for a much higher value than you could imagine.

macbook pro 2011 battery

Of course, keep in mind that purchasing a MacBook from 2024 is not the same as purchasing a MacBook from 2017, even though it is new, because Apple will stop updating it sooner, and even if the operating time and life of its components is the same. same, since it is brand new, the security patches, new features, etc., from the brand will not last that long. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase a more modern one, given that it can last you so long.

And you, how often do you change your computer? Do you do it because of new features or because the laptop really no longer works as it should? The truth is that I have always changed them after many years and it has never been because they no longer they work well for me.