How much money has Apple made in the last few months?

As usual around these dates, the Cupertino company has shared what the fiscal results of the fourth fiscal quarter of 2022 have been. In this post we are going to tell you the most relevant data so that you can know exactly everything that Apple has generated and also of course, all that he has won. Let’s go with it.

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Apple is a company that seems that nothing can affect it, despite all the economic and social difficulties that the world has suffered in recent years, in Cupertino they have come out practically unscathed from all of them, continuing the usual growth rate. Apple’s fourth fiscal quarter results speak for themselves. They have achieved up to 90.1 billion revenues, while if we look back a year ago, they had achieved 83.3 billion revenues.

Now, keep in mind that having income does not always mean making money, although as you can foresee, Apple has certainly not lost any money this quarter. His earnings amount to 20.7 billion. In addition, although we will now talk about what has provided these gains, we must bear in mind that for these results they have only reached the month of September.

What is Apple’s best-selling product?

Surely the vast majority of users who have asked themselves this question have got the answer right, and how could it be otherwise, the iPhone is still Apple’s flagship. iPhone revenue is $42.6 billion, well above second place for services at $19.1 billion. Then we leave you the classification.

  1. iPhone: 42.6 billion
  2. Services: 19.1 billion
  3. Mac: 11.5 billion
  4. Wearables, Home and Accessories: 9.6 billion
  5. iPad: 7.1 billion

If we compare these results individually with those corresponding to the previous year, that is, 2021, it can be seen how all product categories have risen, the iPhone and Mac being the largest, while the only product that has decreased in sales has been the iPad, yes, the downturn is quite low so it does not seem to be really alarming for those in Cupertino.

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In addition to keeping an eye on the products that bring Apple all these revenues and benefits, it is also very interesting to take into account in which geographical regions it is where those from Cupertino have a greater weight. And it is that, how could it be otherwise, America is still the great bastion of Apple, since it is the place where it sells the most with up to 39.8 billion. It is followed by Europe, which has grown compared to the previous year, with 22.7 billion, where it has also grown, as has happened in China, and the rest of Asia, with the exception of Japan, where those from Cupertino have experienced a small decrease. Then we leave you the classification.

  1. America: 39.8 billion.
  2. Europe: 22.7 billion.
  3. China: 15.4 billion.
  4. Rest of Asia Pacific: 6.3 billion.
  5. Japan: 5.7 billion.