How much should your iPhone battery degrade each year?

Many users when they buy an iPhone constantly monitor the battery percentage of their health. Nevertheless, that value is an estimate, is not an absolute value on the part of Apple or the Operating System of your specific device. In this article, we are going to see how much is the actual percentage of charge cycles that you can consume throughout a year depending on the type of user you are.

The battery, key in your device

All batteries have a series of properties that over time lose performance. When you buy the device, the battery is at 100%, but as time goes by, that maximum capacity is progressively decreased. As you already know, batteries work by charge cyclethat is, it is not necessary to charge the phone from 0 to 100%, but it produces through the cycle due to the Lithium-ion system that they currently contain.

It is important to highlight that you should not be obsessed with the battery, with normal use, carrying out correct charges, always updating the device, the battery may degrade 2-3% in each year. After 500 cycles, it is when Apple’s battery begins to degrade more noticeably. To consume 500 charge cycles, with normal use, it is normal that two years have elapsed from the moment you started using the device. In the event that you use the iPhone for a large part of the day, to play games, record video and watch live shows on Twitch, the charging cycles are probably in a year and a half or perhaps less.

battery percentage

When is it advisable to change the battery?

The use what do you give to the device is the starting point for determining whether or not the battery needs to be replaced. If you’re basic user, it might be a good idea to replace the battery at 80-75%, since it is at that value that the device will probably not last a full day and you will have to charge it in the middle of the afternoon. If you make the switch now, your device will likely last you several more years with a great user experience.

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He second case, Changing the battery replacement is recommended at around 85-80%, since it is a fairly significant loss of autonomy and you will probably have to carry an external battery or charge it in the middle of the afternoon.

When the health of the battery is very low, normally the iPhone usually warns you that it isl battery percentage is low and, therefore, it is advisable to change the battery, but there are users who notice that the use of the iPhone has enough few hours to be able to have a correct experience.

change the battery manually

Apple battery problems and free replacement

Sometimes if you have 95% battery, but quickly run out of battery, you may have a miscalibrated battery, and the percentage you are seeing is not correct, there are wrong settings, or there are background apps that are consuming more than necessary due to a bug or lack of stability of the App.

if your battery wears out quickly or has lost 10% of its capacity over several months, the battery may have a factory problem and Apple will replace your battery free of charge. Along with that, if the device is a little swollen back afternoon, the replacement is automatic and fast because security problems are also added to the aforementioned. Remember that the important thing in this whole process is not the battery percentage, but the hours of screen use.