How to Add Cards and Tickets to iPhone

What is Wallet?

The first thing we have and must do in this post is quickly tell you what this native application that all users have available on their devices, especially on the iPhone, consists of. As we said at the beginning of the post, you can also find it under the name of Briefcaseand is that in the end, as its own name indicates, it is a virtual wallet where you can store numerous documents.

For now neither the national identity document nor the driver’s license have a place, but if there are many other cards that will be great to have on your device with a single purpose, make your day to day much easier. In Wallet, or Portfolio, whatever you want to call it, you can save your bank cards to later use Apple Pay and pay with them, as well as enter your different train or plane tickets and carry it all on your phone. There is also room for public transport cardsso you can say goodbye to having to carry your physical wallet to the top.

Steps to add cards and tickets

Once you know what Wallet consists of, it is time for us to tell you how you can use it, and that is that the first thing you have to have controlled is the way in which you have to proceed to add everything that you can put inside this application . As you can see, the steps you have to follow are really easy and simple to perform.

bank cards

On a day-to-day basis, one of the most comfortable and useful aspects in which the Wallet application can make a difference is with your bank cards, that is, the fact of being able to add your different payment methods to Wallet will mean that you can later use Apple Pay to pay, so you won’t have the need to carry money with you and neither will your different cards. The steps you have to follow to be able to add a bank card are the following.

  1. in the app Briefcasetouch where it says “Add«.
  2. Select the card type that you want to enter the debit or credit.
  3. Tap on continue.
  4. Follow the steps that appear on the screen of your iPhone to be able to add it.
  5. Check the information necessary with your bank or card issuer. In addition, in some cases you will have to provide more information, even having to download an app to be able to approve the use of said card with Apple Pay.
  6. Finally, if you also want to add it to your Apple Watch, the app itself will give you the option to do so.

Add Apple Pay card iPhone

Tickets and boarding passes

Obviously, as we have told you, it is not only bank cards that you can add in the Wallet application, but also other types of cards that are really useful for day to day, such as public transport cards, boarding passes , tickets or even tickets to attend certain shows. The process to be able to add them to the app is, again, really simple, and then we leave you the steps to follow.

  • To add transport cards
    1. In the app, tap Add.
    2. Tap on transport card.
    3. Select a public transport card from the list or search based on location.
    4. Tap Continue.
    5. Choose the amount of money you want to put on the card.
    6. Tap Add.
    7. Follow the steps that appear on your iPhone screen to confirm the process.

Apple Wallet

  • To add boarding passes, tickets or tickets
    1. Open the app, email or notification where the boarding pass, ticket or ticket you want to add is located.
    2. Tap Add to Portfolio.
    3. Follow the instructions that will appear on your iPhone screen to complete the entire process.
    4. If necessary, tap on Add in the upper right corner of the screen.

In case you do not see the option that allows you to add your card boarding, tickets or any other document that you want to enter in the Wallet app, you just have to contact the seller or the company that issued them, since the first thing you will have to do is make sure that these documents are compatible with Wallet, since unfortunately not all of them are today. In addition, something that you have to take into account and that is really convenient, is that when you add these types of documents to your iPhone, they will also automatically be available on your Apple Watch.

apple pay cards

Once you have your cards added to the Wallet app, to make use of them is really easy. First of all, those that are tickets to catch a plane, a train or even boarding passes, the iPhone itself will detect that the time to use them is approaching and it will automatically show them on the screen of your iPhone, although it is a setting you can turn off whenever you want. For the rest of the cards, the way to use them is the same as with Apple Pay, you just have to double-click the on/off button of the iPhone and they will be available as long as you have unlocked the device.

More functions you can do

You have already been able to verify the great utility that this application has for day to day, and it is that despite the fact that they have always carried all these types of physical cards and documents, being able to have them on the iPhone is infinitely more comfortable and, above all, everything, more secure, since in this way you will not forget anything nor will you be able to lose it, unless you lose the iPhone, something that, of course, nobody likes.

However, this does not stop here, since within the application there are more functions that you can carry out and that you will also love to know, since they are necessary for day-to-day use and, above all, very comfortable to do from your own iphone. The first of these is the possibility of consult transactions that you have made with the bank cards that you have associated with your iPhone. Otherwise you would have to enter the bank’s app to do it, while here you can do it very quickly.

apple pay apple card

In the same way, you can also consult the information about said bank cards, and it is that in many cases this is key to be able to fill out forms or other types of documents. In addition, the Wallet app also allows you to track packages that you have paid with Apple Pay, so you will also have all the information about them there as well as monitoring their status.