How to better organize files on the iPad

Currently, the iPad has become an indispensable tool for our daily work, replacing a computer on many occasions. However, having the iPad as the main device causes a large number of files to be generated that we have to know how to manage so as not to saturate our device. Therefore, in this post Let’s see how you can better manage the files you have on the iPad.

Organize your iPad like a Pro

Next we will see some solutions and procedures that you can carry out on your iPad to be able to better manage the files that are generated on the device, as well as have a efficient control of all your projects.

Use folders and labels

iPads, like Macs, allow manage iPad files through folders. Folders are a simple and efficient way to group related files together and keep them organized. For create a folder on iPad, simply hold down an app icon until it starts to shake, then drag and drop it onto another app you want to group together.

You can too customize folders adding tags, which are a useful tool for better organizing files on iPad. Tags allow you to tag files with keywords or colors that describe the content of the files. In this way, you can perform fast and precise searches of the files based on the tags. This feature exists natively, but you can also download third-party apps like Readdle Documentswhich allows you to tag files with keywords.

Documents - File Manager
Documents - File Manager

File App

Next to the folders, the files app both for iPhone and iPad has changed completely, because with this application you can manage files much better and increase productivity, and Apple provided them with a file manager such as as it happens in macOS.

ipad dock

In this application you will be able to manage all your files as you have done all your life on your different computers, in addition, it will also be the app where those storage units that you connect to both the iPad and the iPhone and through which you can also copy, paste, move all kinds of files from one location to another.

cloud storage apps

Cloud services have become a great way to manage files that we have on our iPad and that we can see and edit in different operating systems such as macOS and iOS.

iPad 10 and keyboard

On iPad you can use iCloud as Apple’s native cloud file manager and that has a free 5 GB plan, although you also have paid subscription plans. However, in case you prefer other cloud storage services, you can use Google Drive or Dropbox, which are a great way to organize and back up files on iPad. The three applications allow you to store files online and access them from any device with an internet connection. In addition, they allow you to share files with other people safely and easily.

Google Drive storage
Google Drive storage

Dropbox Storage Drive
Dropbox Storage Drive

Delete unnecessary files

Last but not least, the possibility of delete files on ipad eliminating unnecessary files, since many times we are accumulating the files that we no longer need, which gradually fills up the internal memory.

iPad working

To delete a file on iPad, you have to long press icon of the file until it starts to shake and then press the “X” button that appears in the upper left corner of the icon.