How to block hidden numbers on iPhone

Are you tired of receiving calls with a hidden number? Did you know that your iPhone allows you to restrict these types of calls without you noticing anything special on your device? Apple has a special setting to block hidden numbers on the iPhone and we are going to tell you how to do it.

Every day there are more calls that are received spam, to be able to sell some products or, even worse, to get our data for a later scam. The worst of all this? That these calls are made under hidden numbers. Since it is impossible to block these calls, because there are no numbers to block, we must proceed in a different way. And we explain how to do it.

Block calls from hidden numbers on iPhone without using apps

mute hidden calls on iphone

From Cupertino they have always kept in mind that the user experience must be the best possible. And mobiles are, perhaps, the equipment that we use the most throughout the day. That is why, while iOS was being developed over the years, new very interesting functions have been added for day to day. And there is nothing more annoying than receiving phone calls, under hidden numbers, trying to sell you a product. So that, If you do not want to continue receiving these types of calls and interruptions throughout the day, follow the steps below to kill them:

  1. Go into iPhone settings
  2. Go to the section ‘Phone‘ and click on it
  3. Once inside, do scroll to the last part of the menu and identifies ‘mute strangers
  4. You probably have it disabled. Go into the submenu and activate it. Ready

What will you get with this method? That all the calls you receive from unknown numbers are redirected to voice mail and appear later in the ‘Recent’ calls list from the phone app. From that moment you will only receive calls from the contacts you store in your phonebook, from numbers you have recently called and calls from Siri suggestions.

Now, what is the only problem with enabling this option on mobile? That In addition to blocking calls with a hidden number on the iPhone, you will also block calls from conventional numbers that you do not have stored in the phonebook and it is possible that you will have a surprise because it may come from some important matter that you are waiting for. So what can we do? Resort to third-party applications.

Applications to block hidden numbers on the iPhone

If your case is the above, you can resort to different applications that you will find in the App Store of your iPhone and that detect if the calls are spam directly and block them directly so that they do not bother you. Usually, these applications are updated and work under a database in which complaints and denunciations of certain numbers are collected.

Truecaller, an app that discovers hidden numbers and offers you all kinds of information

Truecaller for iPhone, caller ID

truecaller is one of the oldest applications in the caller identification sector. It works under the ‘Phone’ application of the iPhone and when it identifies a hidden call or a call with a number and is spam, it will warn you on the same screen; that is to say: it will proceed the same as if it were a conventional call, but under the incoming telephone number the notice will be shown.

In addition, Truecaller not only handles calls but is also effective on spam text messages. According to the developer company, this application has a community of more than 300 million users who contribute every day to update the databases.

It has a free version with ads and another by subscription that has a cost of 1.99 euros per month or 17.99 euros per year.

Hiya, another call blocker for your iPhone

Hiya for iPhone, call blocker

Another option you have in the App Store is Hiya. This caller ID also works just like the previous app – under your iPhone’s native ‘Phone’ app. In addition, its operation is very similar: it also It will show you the necessary information on the screen so that you can decide whether to take the call or not. What’s more, after receiving this type of calls they can be automatic calls, telemarketers, debt collectors and fraudulent calls, you can report it directly to the community of the application itself so that other users can benefit from that information.

Hiya has a subscription method that starts from the 4.99 euros per month or 27.49 euros per year. Of course, you can try it for free.

Call Blocker, with its free version is enough

Call Blocker for iPhone

Call Blocker It does not have the same community as the previous proposals. However, to identify if an incoming call is a scam, spam, etc., it is more than enough. It also bets on the power of a community that wants to enlarge the list of unwanted phones, so you can add as many phones as you want.

The free version of Call Blocker only shows you on the screen what type of call it is. However, if you go to version premium, you are also offered the possibility to block those numbers forever. The price of this latest version is 3.99 euros for one month or 10.99 euros for three months and a trial period.

Robinson list, a method without using the mobile or external applications

Robinson list to avoid phone spam

For a few years, there has been a free service called ‘robinson list‘. This service offers the possibility of signing up to not receive any type of contact from commercial companies to which we have not given consent to send us advertising through any channel. These channels can be: SMS, calls -both mobile and landline-, email, etc.

As we tell you, the service is free and After creating your profile, you can access it to edit it at any time. You can access this service from this link.

Where to see all the blocked numbers on your iPhone

blocked contacts on an iPhone

Now, if you have decided to block numbers in a traditional way, that is, using the iPhone’s own phone application, you will be able to resort – whenever you want – to the complete list of contacts or phone numbers that you have blocked at some point. You will find this list by doing the following:

  1. Go to ‘settings‘ from the iPhone
  2. Enter the section ‘Phone
  3. Look for the optionblocked contacts‘ -as you can see in the image above-
  4. There you will see the phone numbers that you have decided to block at some point

Now, if for whatever reason you wanted unblock any of these numbers stored in the ‘blacklist’ of your terminal, you just have to give the option ‘Edit‘. At the moment the possibility of eliminating the number you want from this list will appear.