How to buy and redeem an Apple Gift Card

There are many ways you can buy Apple products, apps, and subscriptions. When creating an Apple ID, we may be asked to enter a payment method, which is usually a bank card. But it is also possible have money in our Apple account without having to put a card of credit. This is where Apple gift cards come in, and in this post we show you what they are, how they work, and how you can buy one yourself.

What you can buy with Apple Gift Card

Apple Gift Cards are the new version that brings together the old iTunes and App Store cards, and Apple cards. What happened before, was that Apple had two separate cards: one for digital products, and another to buy hardware and accessories in the Apple Store web and physical stores. With this new card, it’s all integrated.

If you want to subscribe to an Apple service, if you want to buy songs on iTunes, download paid applications or buy games, and even if you want to buy an iPhone, you can use the balance of these cards. Buying and activating them is really easy, and you can do it through a physical Apple Store, or you can do it through the Apple website.

Buy an Apple Gift Card easily

An Apple Gift Card requires a series of steps. The first of them, the choice of the card design. These can be personalized with different variations of the bitten apple logo and are a nice aesthetic detail for the person who will receive it via email.

The second thing to do is select the amount of the card. By default, Apple Spain allows three different amounts: €25, €50 and €100. But we can also select the amount we want, as long as it is between 10 and 250 euros. Next, once we have the design of the apple and the amount we want, we will have to fill in a series of data, before we can proceed with the payment of the Apple Gift Card, and that the person who receives it can enjoy the gift. What we will have to fill in is:

  • Name of the person who will receive it
  • Email of the person who will receive it
  • Name of the person sending the card
  • Email of the person sending the card
  • Optionally, a short dedicated message to send along with the card

apple gift card data

Once we have all this completed, we just have to press the Select button, and we will proceed to the payment page. You have to keep several things in mind when you receive an Apple gift card, or want to activate one. First of all, you will not be able to enter any number with decimals. The amount must be in whole numbers. The second is that You will only be able to make purchases in the country where the card was issued. In other words, if you have purchased an Apple Gift Card from Spain, it will only be valid for use on an Apple account that is Spanish. At the moment there is no possibility of buying in one country, to use the money in another territory. In addition, these cards cannot be exchanged for cash, they can only be used to buy products and services within the Apple ecosystem.