With iOS 17, a big improvement in portrait photos was introduced, You can even change the focal point in photos that were not taken in portrait mode once the photos have been taken. The good? that This is not reserved for the iPhone 15 so we are sure that this tutorial to change the focus in photos with iOS 17 will help you and love it since It will totally change the way you use the Photos app and will also give you a lot of versatility for your social networks.. Let’s go with it.

Portrait mode was incorporated for the first time in the iPhone 7 Plus with the first dual camera built into an iPhone. Since then, this mode has been expanded to all models that have come after, even those that came with only one lens on the camera like the XR thanks to the power of the software. Also, it has been obtaining great improvements in the quality of the portrait and new functionalities such as being able to adjust the blur or defocus with which we want to see the background.

With iOS 17, we will be able to use this new functionality on all compatible devices and not just on the iPhone 15 as would be expected at any other time. Furthermore, this is not only something that iPhones can do, You can also do it from your iPad or from the Mac itself. Integration and continuity of the ecosystem. You already know him.

We have all been in that situation in which we take a photo, with good light, the perfect angle, a good time preparing it but it turns out that the iPhone has not focused where you wanted and it turns out that the photo is of no use to you. We had to take another photo and do all that new preparation. Well, it will no longer be necessary with iOS 17. If you love the portrait effect and playing with blur, you will love this new functionality to be able to take incredible photos in a more comfortable way.

How to change the focus in a photo with iOS 17

Changing the focus is done very easily and in just a few touches you will have the photo that you really thought of when capturing it. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Photos app
  2. Select the photo you want to change the focus
  3. Press Edit at the top right
  4. The menu will open in the bottom and you will have to click on Portrait
  5. Now you must select in the photo where do you want the focus to be placed
  6. And finally, select and adjust the blur you want to apply. The depth you will apply.
  7. We save the changes and READY!

Supported photos can now be converted to a portrait. Versatility, a thousand options to manage your photos and edit them to have that photo you dreamed of at the moment you took the capture. From any device. Magic.