How to change the font size on the Mac

If you want to learn how to change the font size on the Mac, know that there are several ways to do it. And unlike the iPhone, where a single setting applies everywhere, Apple computers have different settings, which will apply to different areas separately. So if you want to know how he does it, this post interests you.

Different sizes on different sites

Whether we have a desktop Mac or a portable Mac, these settings will be applied in the same way. However, it is on Macbooks where the change in font size can come. to be noticed more. Especially if you are a user of a 13-inch computer. In fact, it is at this size where it is perhaps more convenient for you to be able to change the font size in some specific places, while it remains intact in others.

Before we start, we must point out one important thing, and they are the areas where the font size adjustments are going to be applied. On the one hand, we have available a configuration that only affects the desktop. The names of files and folders can be seen with a larger or smaller size depending on how we select it. On the other hand we have the screen resolution. At the moment, the Mac settings only allow you to change the font size if you change the screen resolution.

The desktop and full resolution

Just as on the desktop we can manually select the font size, if we change the resolution, then the size will increase or decrease depending on the screen sizes that we are allowed to configure. Here the adjustment will apply to all areas of the Mac: from the main interface and menus, to applications, through web browsing. The font size is changed because the resolution is changed.

To change the font size of the desktop elements we will have to secondary click and display the contextual menu. When it opens, we will have to look for the option that says Show display options. If we click here, a floating window will open in which we can edit the size of the visual elements and the text. For. change the font size, we will have to go to Text size and select in the box how big or small we want the element names to be displayed.

If you want to change the font size on your Mac, but in all areas (and not just on the desktop), then you’ll need to go to System Settings > Displays. Here, depending on your computer model, you will have more or less available screen resolutions. These will go in order (from left to right) from how they show a larger text size, to show it smaller.

font size mac resolution

When we select one of these resolutions, the entire appearance of the computer automatically changes. Not only the size of what we are going to see on the desktop is altered, but also the interfaces of applications, games, etc. As we have said, the entire general appearance is changed, including the font size.