How to change the format of an image on Mac? No programs!

So today we are going to see how it works, it is very simple, so if you don't have much computer knowledge, nothing happens, you will know how to do it anyway, you don't need to download or install anything.

Change image format on Mac

In addition, it not only serves to convert an image with a rare and little-recognized format to a better one, but we can also export it to PDF, and all in a single click, without much complication.

To do this, what we will have to do is open the image in question. At this point the Mac will run it with the system's native application, called Preview.

Within this application we can not only view the images, but we have all the tools to crop, enlarge, create arrows, figures, etc. And once we have the image the way we want, there is a different option than saving.

This is called exporting, and it will help us with what we are looking for today, the fact of being able to convert, in a simple step, an AVIF image, for example, into another PNG or JPGwith which we will take up less disk space and will be more recognized by many devices and websites.

We just have to select File – Export – and there we can choose what format we want, among which is also in PDF. Likewise, we will have the option to also choose where we want the new copy to be saved and even add labels to it.

This tool is very useful, especially if we have some type of image that another of our devices cannot display, as well as reducing its size by changing the format as we already said.

And despite being an image viewer, it also has many editing optionslike writing on them, rotating them, or even adding emojis and symbols.

Additionally, you also have the option of add signatures, so you can, manually or with one already created, put it in any image or document in the place you want, and then export it in PDF and have something perfect. In addition, you can sign on a piece of paper and have it captured by the camera, or directly create it on the TrackPad.

Likewise, you can print it with a single click with another of its options. Let's say that this application is like Windows Paint, but less shabby and with more options, not so much for drawing, but for utility.

And you, did you know this simple way to transform all your images to the same format? The truth is that, except for more advanced options, it has many tools and functions that, without having to pay or download another application, we can do natively.