How to change the SIM PIN on an iPhone

We recently spoke that the latest iPhones -from the iPhone 12- are compatible with the new eSIM cards, virtual cards that arrive to unseat cards in physical format. However, in both cases you must enter the PIN code, the number used to unlock this card and thus be able to use it. However, Do you know how to change the SIM PIN on an iPhone? We teach you how to do it, step by step.

We will tell you how to change the SIM PIN on your iPhone and some options you have for this number, such as, remove it completely and that when you turn the terminal on/off, it does not ask you for it. Although this option is always advisable to have it active for security.

What is the SIM PIN code?

SIM cards

Habitually, this PIN code is confused with the unlock PIN code of our mobile devices. However, the initial PIN of a SIM card is given by the operator that will offer you the mobile phone service. If it is in physical format, it is printed on the support – along with the card identification number and the PUK code, which we will talk about later.

Therefore, once you receive your SIM card, it will have an unlock code to be able to receive the telephone service and be able to use it. It is the moment that you can change this PIN number for another – always 4 digits – that is easier for you to remember.

How to change the SIM PIN on an iPhone

Change SIM PIN on an iPhone

The truth is changing the PIN number of your SIM card from an iPhone is very simple. And as we mentioned, it is perhaps the most recommended step to remember the digits you have to enter and not make mistakes. Also, if you make a mistake repeatedly -no more than three times-, the phone will be blocked and you will need to use the PUK code that we will talk about later.

But we are really talking about what interests us and that is changing the SIM PIN on an iPhone. So follow the steps below:

  1. Go into iPhone settings
  2. Look for the optionMobile data‘ and enters it
  3. Among all the alternatives that will be given to you in the new menu, choose the one that refers to ‘SIM PIN
  4. Now, in the new menu you will have two options: ‘SIM PIN’ and ‘Change PIN’. Select the second
  5. It will ask you to enter the current PIN -it will be the one that accompanies the SIM card of your operator-
  6. Once entered and validated, it will be time to enter your new PIN code. Save it

In this way, every time you turn on the iPhone, you can already unlock the SIM card with your new code. However, in the previous points we have talked about two options. And the first one of it was ‘SIM PIN’. In it you will have only enable/disable option. If you choose the second option, every time you turn on the iPhone, it will not ask you for any type of PIN code; that is, you can use your contracted rate without any filter. Although remember that this will happen to anyone who manages to turn on your iPhone. So, for security, it is better not to disable this option.

How to get the PUK code of your SIM card

How to get the PUK code of the SIM card

To enter the PIN code of your SIM you will have several attempts. If for whatever reason, you do not remember the PIN and If you fail in the attempt more than three times, it will be time to have the PUK code at hand. This code, which consists of eight digits, will be in charge of unlocking your SIM so that it is operational again and ready to receive the PIN code. We must also warn you that, if you enter the wrong PUK code 10 times, the SIM card is permanently blocked and you will need to request a new one from your telephone operator.

Well, to get this PUK code, it will be easy: you have it printed on the physical support that comes with the SIM card. In eSIM cards, it must be reflected in the PDF file that is attached to the delivery of the virtual card. Therefore, both the physical format and the PDF document should be kept safe. But, what happens if you have lost these documents? No problem: You can obtain it through the different applications of mobile operators, as well as by calling customer service providing your data.

For giving you an example in which you can guide yourself and with which we have the contracted line. This is the case of the operator O2 that, through its application, you only have to go to ‘Home’ of your account. Navigate through the screen and look for the option that tells you ‘Configure your line’. Once inside you will get different options: Roaming, Special number blocking, Call forwarding and PUK code. Clicking on the latter, a pop-up window will appear indicating the PUK number of your SIM card. So write it down somewhere and save it for future.