How to charge iPhone without charger

We are in the middle of 2023 and the next iPhone 15 is already being expected. However, since the end of 2020, Apple mobile phones have not been accompanied by some accessories that were once present. And one of them is the charger. Therefore, Do you know how to charge iPhone without charger? In this article we will explain some options that you have to be able to charge it without having to plug it into the network.

Not including headphones or the charger to connect the iPhone to the electrical network, were measures that the North American company took in 2020. The reasons they put on the table was because they wanted reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere and that they already had many measures in their facilities to use only renewable energy. Not including these accessories were some measurements. Although it could also be thought that they wanted to encourage the use of wireless accessories which, by the way, are becoming more and more in their catalogue.

Charge the iPhone without a charger and using only the port of your computer

iPhone charging with computer

Although the charger is not included in the sales case of the new iPhone, the charging cable is included –essential in almost all the options that we are going to offer you–. Therefore, perhaps the easiest solution would be to use the charging port of your computer. Besides, If we are working away from home or the office and we usually use a laptop, the solution will be even more logical. Also, if you are an intensive laptop user, you probably have your computer charger on hand. Therefore, you should not worry about running out of battery in it.

Charge the iPhone in public spaces

Charge iPhone in public spaces

Chargers in public establishments are becoming more frequent. Moreover, in some places they have replaced typical wall sockets with solutions that include USB ports -some USB-A and the most modern, USB-C type-. Therefore, it would also be an option to charge the iPhone while we are having a coffee or studying in a library.

Replace traditional home plugs with USB sockets

We have already commented that for some years, iPhones are not accompanied by a charger; Only the charging cable is included. Therefore, if in the end we do not want to get a home charger either -in case we have one from another Apple or compatible device and it works with our iPhone model, the issue will be solved- we can purchase and replace the traditional sockets of our home, by others that only include USB sockets or some mixed models, as we can see below. Perhaps the second option is the most interesting.

Mixed nanowire model

Dual USB-A port wall outlet

This model is a clear example of a mixed wall socket. With it we can do what we have always done -connect a conventional charger- or, if we don’t have a charger -as is the case with the iPhone-, it also has two USB-A sockets. change the wall plug it will cost you just over 10 euros.



Orno, mixed model with USB-C socket

wall plug USB-C port brand ORNO

On the other hand, if what you need is a USB-C socket, this model of oven it can be your solution. And it is that although you can have several types of cables to your credit, the cable lightning that usually accompanies the latest generation iPhone, its USB port is type C; that is, they have acquired the current standard. The price of this model is something more than 18 euros.

Charge iPhone without a charger and using an external battery

Another solution that you may already have in mind is to use external equipment. Next we are going to leave you with some examples of external batteries -or power banks– which in some cases will even serve to leave the charger of your laptop.

Coolreall 20,000 mAh external battery

External battery for iPhone Coolreall

When we talk about external batteries with a lot of capacity, the first thing that comes to mind is equipment that is quite thick and, above all, very heavy. Something that right off the bat will throw us back on your purchase. However, the years have passed and technologies have evolved. Such is the case of this Coolreal model with a 20,000 mAh charging capacity, with a discreet design and weighing just 300 grams. In addition, it offers three ports of departure: 2 USB-A ports and a USB-C port.

This Coolreal battery has an LED screen that will indicate the charge level of your battery, as well as, and perhaps the most interesting fact: it has fast charging. As exposed, the device will achieve 50 percent of its charge in just 30 minutes. Its price? just 26 euros.

Anker 5,000 mAh magnetic battery

Anker MagSafe External Battery for iPhone

Another of the options that we want to offer you – and this will only be possible when used with an iPhone compatible with the MagSafe system–, is the possibility of carrying an external battery always ‘stuck’ to your Apple mobile. It is a solution offered by the popular accessory company Anker (leader in the sector of PowerBanks) that will attach seamlessly to the back of your iPhone using the MagSafe standard. What does this mean? Well, you can charge your iPhone completely wirelessly.

As you will understand, this will make the weight of your iPhone go up. Although it is also true that you should no longer include an external battery of a lifetime in your backpack, bag or briefcase. And, above all, you save the use of a cable. The downside, perhaps, is that the ability to This Anker battery is only 5,000 milliamps and it will help you finish the working day without having to go through an electrical outlet. Its price is around 50 euros.

Original Apple Magsafe battery – the choice of gourmets

Original Apple MagSafe battery for iPhone

Like the previous option, Apple also offers among its best-selling accessories, a MagSafe battery to be used in the latest iPhone models – the compatible models are the iPhone 12, 13 and 14. Of course, this option has a capacity that does not reach 2,000 milliamps. So you can fully charge your iPhone, at most, once.

Now, since this battery is attached to the back of the iPhone chassis and the intention is not to detach it from this situation, when you charge the iPhone at home or in the office with the lightning cable, you will also be charging the MagSafe battery.

The weight of this official Apple accessory is around 140 grams. And its price is one of the highest on the market. Therefore, it is the least recommended solution and intended exclusively for those who are fans of the company. Its price is just under 120 euros.