How to check the security of your passwords on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, you should know that there is an option with which we can check the security status of our passwords. It is not a website, but a section within the phone Settings. So if you want to better protect your digital health, You will be able to know if your credentials are easy to guess, are repeated, and have even been leaked Somewhere they shouldn’t.

Where can you see compromised passwords

The iPhone has a specific section where all the access data to web pages, applications and services are stored. If we want to know all the information we have saved, we will have to go to Settings > Passwords. It is important to note that, to enter this section, for security our phone will ask us to identify ourselves by Touch ID or Face ID, or to enter the unlock code.

When we have identified ourselves, we will see an interface with three well-differentiated sections. The first one, Password Options, allows you to activate or deactivate the credential autofill function when you want to login to a web page. The second option that we are going to find is Passwords and iCloud Keychain. This allows our usernames and passwords to be stored in the Apple cloud, so that the information is synchronized on the rest of our devices.

The second area we run into is called Security Recommendations. This section is the most important, since here we are going to be shown all those passwords (with their corresponding services) that may be in danger. So, the first option we find is to Detect leaked passwords. In this way, if one of our credentials appears in a massive leak, the iPhone will notify us.

In addition to the detection option, within this category we find two new sections. The first one is called Priority Recommendations. Here we are going to see accounts, whose keys are at risk due to different factors. Along with the account, the iPhone will indicate one of the following messages:

  • This password has turned up in a data breach, posing a huge risk to this account. You must change the password immediately.
  • Many people use this password, so it can be easy to guess.
  • This password is being used on other websites, increasing the risk for this account if one of the other accounts is compromised.

recommendations security password iphone

In addition to these priorities, the iPhone shows us a third subcategory called Other recommendations. Here we are going to see different websites and applications, whose access data is repeated on other websites, they are easy to guess. If we go back to the beginning of the Passwords menu, the third section that remains to be seen is each and every one of the accounts that we have stored on our iPhone. If we click on any of them, we will see the following items:

  • Date of the last time we changed the password
  • Username
  • Change the password on the website
  • The name of the website
  • The option to remove iPhone password