How to choose the ideal Apple Watch for Valentine’s Day?

The month of February is Valentine’s Day, and many of us want to give a gift to someone special to us, and, specifically, the Apple Watch is one of the gifts that can make us more excited. However, on many occasions we are tempted to give away the latest or greatest device, when we really have to find the right device for him or her. In this post, We are going to analyze some formulas to buy the ideal Apple Watch.

Are you geeky or not?

It is the million dollar question, since in depending on the use that the user gives it, It is better to choose an Apple Watch with some features and characteristics and, above all, analyze whether it is necessary to purchase the latest generation Apple Watch or whether it is better to purchase an SE version or a device from one or two years ago.

If the user performs a basic use, that is, notifications and use it for classic activities such as running, practicing a sport or small sleep analysis. In this type of users, it is not necessary to acquire a recent device, specifically, we are referring to the Apple Watch series 8 or the Series Ultra. Acquiring a device with very advanced features is not the best option, since it will not take advantage of all the benefits that the device has. Therefore, perhaps the Second generation Apple Watch SE or buy the series 6 in a third-party store it can be a very interesting device, above all, much cheaper than the most recent models.

Apple Watch SE

In the event that the user wants to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the Apple Watch, the situation changes radically from what was mentioned in the previous paragraph. In relation to this, if it would be interesting to go to the main top of the Apple range, since the user you will enjoy all the components like a better display, always-on display, and new sensors for sleep and sports activities.

Regarding your priceAlthough the outlay is higher, the most interesting option is to purchase an Apple Watch series 8 or series 7, because it has the advantages mentioned in the previous paragraph that will delight a user looking to get the most out of their Apple Watch . In the event that you are a user who love doing sports of medium-high intensity, We must assess the possibility of acquiring the Apple Watch Ultra series, although it is for a very objective audience and with an exorbitant price for many users. But if you’re a born sportsman, the Ultra is a great option.

Buy accessories or not?

The purchase of accessories is always something very personal and also depends on the type of user to whom you are going to give the Watch. In case it is a generic User, accessories such as loops only straps or, to charge the device, can be a great success, because they will be able to enjoy their Apple Watch a little more and appreciate the importance of having a good complement to the iPhone.

apple watch

Again, in case you’re passionate about the apple watches, I would not buy any accessory and would invest in buying an Apple Watch with better features, because surely the user knows for sure which is the device that best suits him.