How to clean my iPhone speaker

With the passage of time and because we tend to keep it everywhere, the speaker of our phone ends up getting dirty, affecting the sound quality. And it is that as it is a device such as an iPhone, the actions that can be carried out to clean it are quite limited.

But do not worry! Next We will teach you different methods so that you can clean the speaker of your iPhone. We will tell you from which tools to use, to which applications are the most recommended in case you have to carry out a deeper cleaning. Are you ready?

Precautions to consider

Before you go to clean the speaker of your iPhone take into account the following:

  • Turn off your mobile before you start cleaning it.
  • Please do not use any liquid to clean it.
  • Remove the protective cover for easy operation.
  • Avoid using pointed or pointed objects made of plastic or metal, as these can eventually break the mesh of the speakers.

Methods to clean the speaker of an iPhone

Accessories to clean iPhone speaker Now that you are clear about the precautions that you must take, we will show you the most effective solutions that you can try to clean the speaker of your iPhone:

  • Toothbrush: This is one of the most used methods, since its fine bristles help remove much of the trapped dirt. Try to use a brush of medium hardness, and make circular movements to loosen the dirt. Avoid pressing hard, as you could damage the mesh that protects the iPhone speaker.
  • painter’s tape: Also known as paper tape, this is another effective method that can help you clean your iPhone speaker. It is more efficient than other tapes because it does not leave glue residue behind. To use, roll up a piece of tape, keeping the sticky part on the outside, and slide it over the speaker with gentle pressure. Check that you have cleaned it well by checking the sticky side.
  • Adhesive putty: You can also use sticky mesh to clean your iPhone speaker. The advantage of this is that it is very malleable, so it can reach places that the previous methods would not. Go sticking small pieces in different holes to start taking off the dirt. Repeat the process several times until you get rid of the largest number of particles.
  • Compressed air: Its advantage is that it is very fast and effective, you just have to keep in mind that it is a tool that must be used with care. If you go too far on the air intensity, you could end up causing damage to the speaker grill.

Applications to clean the speaker of an iPhone

If you are not satisfied with the above methods and want to try something else, please know that there are applications that clean the speaker of an iPhone. These have been specially designed to create a sound wave intense enough that you can clean it from the inside. Some of them are:

Speaker Cleaner – Water Remove

This application not only helps to remove dirt, but also any moisture that may be inside the speaker. Therefore, It’s great in case you dropped your phone in water, and root of this has stopped sounding correctly. It is capable of generating low-frequency sounds that vibrate the speakers so that dirt and water are released.

Speaker Cleaner - Water Remover (AppStore Link)

Clean speaker – remove water

Like the previous one, this application is used to eliminate any water that may have entered the interior of the iPhone speaker, and whatever is causing the problem. All you have to do is download it, install it, activate its cleaning mode, and it will immediately begin to automatically clean the speakers thanks to the waves it emits.

Clean speaker - remove water (AppStore Link)


This app generates waves which you can decrease or increase in intensity, until you get to completely clean the speaker of your iPhone. The more obstructed the speaker is, the louder you need the sound to be..

Sonic Ⓥ (AppStore Link)

What do you think of these methods to clean the iPhone speaker? If you know others, let us know in the comments.. In the event that none of them work for you and your speakers continue to fail, it is best that you go to a maintenance service so that a specialized technician can give you a solution.