How to completely disable iPhone vibration

Beyond the mute switch and silent modes, the iPhone has settings that allow you to completely disable system vibration. These settings are very useful if we need to save battery, or simply if we don’t like the iPhone to vibrate when we receive calls and notifications. So in this post we are going to see how to disable this feature.

No need to use the physical switch

To activate the silent mode of the iPhone it is necessary to go through the side button. That little lever stops the sound of calls and notifications, so that it only vibrates. But vibration and sound on the iPhone don’t have to be related. And, thanks to the Settings we can change this functionality.

In addition, the vibration of the iPhone is present in two different sections, which have to be deactivated separately. On the one hand, we have the vibration of the keyboard. When we type, we can receive a haptic response by pressing each of the keys. On the other, we have what we have already discussed before: calls and notifications. By disabling these two, the iPhone will not vibrate.

For disable keyboard vibration We have to go to Settings> Sounds and vibrations. Here we will have to look for an option called Keyboard response. If we open that category, two options will appear: Sound and Vibration. To deactivate the keyboard vibration, just deactivate the Vibration option.

Now it’s time to go to Disable system vibration in general. To do this, within the same section Settings> Sounds and vibrations we have to look for a section called Vibration in silent and sound modes. Here we will find two options: Vibrate in Sound mode and Vibrate in Silent mode. The good thing is that we can only deactivate the one we want.

disable iphone vibration

On the one hand, we can make the iPhone vibrate at all times. But we can also make it only vibrate in sound mode, or that it only vibrate when it is silent. In this case, if we deactivate both options, the iPhone will not vibrate when they call us or when we receive messages and other notifications.

Why it can be good to turn off vibration

Although it may seem counterintuitive, sometimes turning vibration off is a good idea. A very good example is when we have an iPhone with a lower battery life. When the battery level has degraded, the vibration of the haptic motors of the iPhone consumes energy. And even if it is not excessive, deactivating these vibrations will help us to make the battery last a little longer.

Related to the battery, it is also a good idea when we have a very low percentage of the battery left. Although there has always been the belief that putting the phone on vibrate will save battery, the truth is that the opposite is true. The iPhone will expend more energy vibrating the motors than it does in emitting sound through the speakers. And if we take into account that, thanks to the side button, we can put the iPhone in silent mode, and that we can deactivate only the vibration in that mode, we will save a few steps to make the iPhone stop vibrating.