How to connect AirPods in Airplane Mode during a flight

If you are on a flight, yes or yes you have to activate the Airplane Mode, which disconnects the coverage and data networks. But what about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks? Will I be able to use my AirPods on a plane on an iPhone? And what if I want to use them on a Mac? In this. Post we tell you the details and we will teach you to connect your AirPods in Airplane Mode.

Connect your AirPods with Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is a functionality that all devices have that disable certain connections, so that our device does not interfere with the plane’s communications. The connections that are deactivated are those of mobile data, but both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not only activated, but can be used perfectly when we are on board a flight.

For their part, AirPods, despite the fact that they use a Bluetooth connection, in the case of the iPhone and iPad, are connected through the animation screen that appears when we want to link both devices. And yes, this screen appears the same if we have Airplane Mode activated and if we have the Bluetooth connection turned on. Let’s go by parts Activate Airplane Mode.

To activate Airplane Mode, we have two options: from the Control Center, and from Settings. We have to look for the Airplane icon and press it. They will automatically deactivate mobile data without the possibility of reconnecting them. However, as we have said before, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can be activated. So that is why we will be able to connect our AirPods.

airplane mode iphone

How to connect AirPods without Internet

When we have Airplane Mode activated, we simply need to press the synchronization button and the animation will automatically appear. As you can see in the image, the AirPods are already connected with Airplane Mode. And yes, we can use them to play music, podcasts and play games. All the content, yes, has to be available without an Internet connection. Otherwise, and unless the flight has a Wi-Fi connection, we will not be able to connect to view or download content.

If the AirPods are unpaired, with Airplane Mode turned on, they can be unpaired without any problem. The network connection is not necessary, despite the fact that one of the strengths of the AirPods is its connection and linkage with our Apple ID. AND if we have a Mac and we want to connect some AirPods on a plane?

connect airpods mac airplane mode

He Mac doesn’t have Airplane Mode since it does not have mobile data connections or traditional coverage. Their Internet connections are via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi, and their wireless connections are Bluetooth and AirDrop for file sharing. If we’re on a plane and we have a Mac, it will not be necessary to activate this mode on the computer and we can connect our AirPods from the Control Center or from the Settings, in the Bluetooth section. If we press the link button of the AriPods, our Mac will detect them and we will only have to press the connect button. As you can see, it is a process that is done in a very simple way and in very few steps.