How to connect AirPods to a Windows PC

The truth is that when we get an Apple team, the first thing that comes to mind is that it belongs to a closed ecosystem. However, although this is true in most cases, AirPods Bluetooth headphones -both in their normal version and in their Pro versions- are the exception. In addition, being able to connect to a Mac, iPhone or iPad, these headphones can connect to other equipment. And we are going to teach you how to connect AirPods to a Windows PC.

AirPods, like all headphones, have a clear function: to listen to the sound in the most comfortable way. The versions that Apple sells are no exception and using them with other equipment is very simple. Now, it is true that by not being used under the Apple ecosystem, some functions will disappear. But let’s first see how to connect them with the Windows ecosystem and what we will lose along the way.

Connect AirPods to a Windows PC

It is true that AirPods are not the most affordable bluetooth headphones on the market. However, if you use them with your iPhone or iPad, you won’t need to invest in another headset if your primary computer is a Windows PC. Its main function, which is to allow listening to audio, will be offered. To link them, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  • The first thing we will do is go to the ‘Setting‘ from Windows and click on it
  • Now we will look for the section that refers to ‘Devices‘ – is the section where we can see the equipment that we have connected wirelessly-. And Bluetooth is one of them.
  • Let’s go to the sectionAdd Bluetooth or other device‘, in addition to activating the connection of our team
  • It is time to go to our AirPods and, without taking them out of their boxwe will press the rear button for a few seconds until the LED inside the box begins to light up and blink white
  • Now they should appear on the new computers detected by our Windows computer
  • It only remains to click on them and they would already be linked

What functions do we lose with AirPods connected to a Windows PC

Although AirPods will work without issue with non-Apple equipment, Yes, it is true that we will lose some functions that are designed for the Cupertino company. For example, the invocation of Siri or having the different sound functions that are offered in Apple devices, such as noise cancellation or environmental noise.

What can I do if my Windows computer does not have a Bluetooth connection?

Your computer under Windows operating system may not have a Bluetooth connection. Therefore, you will not be able to carry out this tutorial that we have explained to you: how to connect AirPods to a Windows PC. However, it is true that providing a computer with a Bluetooth connection is not a difficult task. Only we must resort to an external stick, connect it to a USB port on our computer, configure it and that’s it. Already you will be able to use your AirPods with your Windows PC. Here we leave you a solution for less than 20 euros.

AirPods can connect with other computers besides Windows

Apple AirPods Catalog

The quick answer is: yes. And to be more explicit, AirPods can also be used in equipment based on competition -when we talk about mobile ecosystems-. Exactly, if we have an Android device we can also use them without any problem. To connect them to a smartphone either tablets under the Google ecosystem, you must follow the following steps:

  • In it smartphone either tablets with Android, go to ‘Settings‘ and look in the ‘Connections’ section if Bluetooth is activated
  • Once that check is done, we open the AirPods case, leave the lid open and the Bluetooth headphones inside
  • Press the pair button located on the back of the AirPods case until the internal LED -between the two earbuds- starts blinking white. This means that it is ready to link with other equipment.
  • Now all you need is select AirPods as soon as they appear in the list of available equipment to link to your mobile device

From this moment you can use the AirPods with other equipment that has nothing to do with the Apple ecosystem. But what if we want to do the same with AirPods Max?

Connect AirPods Max to other non-Apple devices

Connect AirPods Max to Windows

In this case, we must do exactly the same as in the previous points, but leaving aside the step of the case. That is, you must do the following:

  • Enable the Bluetooth connection of our Windows computer or from our Android mobile/tablet
  • give to add bluetooth equipment (in the case of Windows)
  • Press for a few seconds the ‘Noise control’ button until the AirPods Max status LED flashes
  • At that time we can add them to the Windows or Android list to pair them without any problem