How to control your sleep with the Apple Watch

Sleep, the native Apple app

The latest versions of WatchOS It has been a great leap in the sleep application, becoming a great alternative to existing applications in the App Store. Best of all, it is a native appso it comes by default on all Apple Watch and offers very interesting features that we analyze below.

Among its basic functions, it allows you to set sleep goals, rest modes and bedtimes in order to meet the number of hours necessary for a good rest. In addition, if you cannot rest for any reason, the app will help you relax setting guidelines and simplify notifications so you can sleep. Along with it, the iPhone is the ideal complement of this application, since you can adjust the parameters from the phone and the Watch is in charge of issuing the results so that you can view it much more efficiently.



Except for the native Apple app, AutoSleep is the best sleep monitoring app you can find on the App Store. This provides us with an analysis of the data in great depth, including a detailed list of sleep, quality, depth of sleep, heart rate, among many other functions. For all these functions, the AutoSleep is the number one app in the health and fitness category of the App Store.

For its correct operation, the app uses a ring system similar to those of the Apple Watch to monitor sleep. However, one of its great advantages is also one of its great drawbacks, since it offers a large amount of data that for some users may be excessive. However, you can extract the values ​​that interest you most and ignore the rest. Lastly, based on how sleep went, it can predict how ready we are to face the day based on how we slept at night. The price of the application is 4.99 euros but, it is a highly recommended single payment.

AutoSleep Monitor your sleep
AutoSleep Monitor your sleep


Sleep app

Compared to the veteran of AutoSleep, which is one of the longest in the App Store, NapBot is one of the most recent apps in this category, with a great projection of future development. The great advantage of this application is that it uses machine learning to make an automatic analysis of sleep and offer us details about the phases and trends of the east, as well as an analysis of the ambient noise of sleep and heart rate analysis.

The representation of the data is extremely simple, with a very minimalist interface. In addition, we can make an overview to know the sleep of weekly and monthly periods of time. Regarding its price, it is gratuitous, but within the app you have different subscription plans. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it is a totally independent application from the iPhone, being developed by and for the Apple Watch.

NapBot - Sleep and Nap Tracker
NapBot - Sleep and Nap Tracker