How to Convert Speech to Text on iPhone

One of the most improved features on the iPhone is text-to-speech transcription. However, if the iPhone you have is the first of all, you may want to become more familiar with the Apple ecosystem, and take full advantage of the capabilities and functions of the phone. So today we see how you can turn your voice into your textwithout having to install anything on the iPhone.

your voice is your text

Although there are applications that are used to transcribe speech to text, in this case we are not going to see any external application. Rather, what we are going to see is a native function of the iPhone. Speech-to-text transcription on the iPhone is much simpler and more organic thanks to an update to iOS 16, which allows you to activate voice dictation without having to interrupt your typing on the keyboard.

What happened before was that when we pressed the voice dictation button, the virtual keyboard disappeared and we couldn’t continue typing with the keys. Now what happens is that when we activate voice dictation, we can modify the written text at any time while we are speaking, and the voice is converted into lines of text.

To activate the voice dictation function, we have to go to Settings > General > Keyboard. This is where we will find the necessary settings to activate this function. The first thing we have to do is set the keyboard languages. This step is very important because, if we do not have a keyboard language, it will not be configured as a recognizable language when transcribing the voice. The dictation is not available in all the languages, but we will be able to know if that one can use the voice dictation in that language (forgive the redundancy) when we are in the Dictation languages ​​category. If we want to set a keyboard language we have to go to Keyboards> Add new keyboard. Here we can select all the available keyboard languages ​​of the iPhone.

When we have selected the keyboard languages, we will have to go to the functions Activate dictation and automatic punctuation. This second option, depending on the language, recognizes pauses and certain voice intonations to be able to add punctuation marks without us having to indicate anything so that they are written. When we have done this, we have to go to Dictation Languages.

In this category we will see the keyboard languages ​​that are compatible with the voice dictation function. Depending on which ones we want to activate or deactivate, we will have to leave them marked in the list. If we deactivate a dictation language, even though we have the keyboard in that language, the text transcription will not work, since we will have asked the iPhone not to recognize our voice. If we already have all this activated, we can do the test.

voice dictation iphone

When we are in an application or writing area where the keyboard is opened (it can be in any, it does not have to be a proprietary Apple app), in the lower right part of the screen we will see a microphone icon that we will have to press . Remember that in iOS 16 this transcription will be running at the same time that we can write with the keyboard, in order to change the text errors that can be made on the fly. To turn off voice dictation, simply tap on the microphone icon again, this will stop voice transcription.