How to create a custom emoji wallpaper on iPhone

In June 2022, Apple presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference new features available for iOS, macOS and watchOS in addition to the presentation of the MacBook Air with M2 chip. In this post we are going to focus on iOS 16 and one of its great novelties: the lock screen.

How to create a custom emoji wallpaper in iOS 16

The lock screen of the iPhone has been completely renewed, being one of the main attractions of this new generation of Apple due to the incorporation of many options such as Widgets, colors and fonts. The renewal At an aesthetic level, it has been highly sought after, giving the device a completely new and fresh touch, an aspect that the Apple community has demanded for years. Among its main novelties, the creation of personalized wallpapers stands out, such as the one that offers us the power to add emojis to create designs. This function is one that has generated the most expectation among users and we are going to structure the steps that you have to carry out to execute it:

  1. We unlock our iPhone and press and hold the screen.
  2. We touch the “+” blue at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. At the top we choose Emoji.
  4. We wrote our favorite emojis, with a maximum of six.
  5. We press the small “x” to close the picker.
  6. We touch the button in the form of three dots.
    1. We can touch the button in the form of emoji at the bottom left of the screen to edit our selection of emojis. This way we can try different combinations, including the possibility of repeating some of them, so that they take on more relevance in the composition, or reorder them, to achieve different results.
  7. we choose Background.
  8. We choose the color that interests us and use the slider to make it more or less saturated. Alternatively, we can tap on the multi-color button at the top left to be able to choose any color.
  9. We slide to right or left to change the emoji layout design.
  10. You accept the process and it would be complete.

Other iOS 16 news on the lock screen

Along with the novelty mentioned above, there is another series of new features that increase the customization of the iOS 16 lock screen. They are small new features, but the sum of all of them gives the feeling that you have a new iPhone and not a new device, but it belongs to an older generation. This redesign makes you excited about opening the iPhone and the entire iOS experience. The novelties are the following:

  • Photos. You can choose any image from your photo library and set it as your wallpaper.
  • People. The system itself is responsible for filtering the photos you have on your reel in which different people appear in the foreground so that you can put them as wallpaper.
  • random photos. You can choose whether it is the system itself or yourself who chooses the photos you want to take turns as wallpaper, you can even customize the frequency with which they are changed.
  • Weather. The wallpaper will vary depending on the weather in the location where you are.
  • Astronomy. You have up to 5 options of different astronomical wallpapers.
  • Color. Set a plain wallpaper with any color scheme you like.

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