How to create a sticker on iPhone from the Photos app

PNG stickers on iPhone work like this

To create a sticker in PNG format we must go to the Photos application. In our image gallery, we can select the photo we want. Automatically, the iPhone is capable of detecting those elements that stand out in a photo. People, animals, plants, inanimate objects, etc. Regardless of the background, our phone will detect it.

To select the photo from which we want to create the sticker, we have to open it and, once we have it in front of us, we have to click once on the photo so that the rest of the interface disappears. When this happens, we have to click on the element of the photo that we want to select. But, yes, there are a series of limitations:

  • If the background is very rich, elements of the background may be included in the object that the iPhone cuts out.
  • If we select a group of people who are not completely aligned, or if there are people who are a little further away, perhaps the latter may not be selected as they should.
  • All items are selected at once. We cannot (at least, for now), select more than one element at the same time in the same photo.

When we click on the element, it will make a small jump on the screen, and around it a luminous halo will appear around it. Then it’s time to share that cutout, which will become a PNG sticker. Here we have two options: copy or share. The first option, that of copying, allows us to enter this crop in any application that allows image cropping. A text writing app, a messaging app, certain photo retouching and composition apps, etc.

The sharing function allows you to send this image in PNG format through different apps automatically. WhatsApp, Telegram or Gmail They are the most common. But we can also save this image as an individual crop, send it by AirDrop, convert it to PDF, or save it in the Files application. That is why we are going to see what happens in two very similar situations, but whose result is different.

If we send that clipping through the Messages application, through the iMessage service, for example, the clipping will be sent as a sticker as we are used to. That is, the image will be sent with a transparent background and it will look like a bigger sticker inside the chat.

create sticker png photos

The same does not happen in WhatsApp. In this case, if we want to send the image as a sticker, it will be sent as a PNG photo, but the application cwill create a white background. In this case, although we will have a sticker, it will not be sent in the same way as when we send a sticker directly from the application, with the specific keyboard section. Even so, it is a cool function that we can take advantage of if we want to create stickers for specific occasions.