How to create app folders on your iPhone and iPad

Each user has his own way of organizing because each one has its own hobbies and above all, it has different applications. However, one of the most interesting ways is the ability to organize folders and subfolders. This organization is not only for application, but it is also possible through photos and videos.

Previous steps

Before create and edit folders, We must remember that this entire process is carried out through the editing mode, which works the same on iPhone and iPad. At present, we have Two ways to access this mode: On the one hand, we have the option that we all know, which is to hold down one of the many apps that we have on the screen for a few seconds. On the other hand, if we press the app for a second and then click on the top left, we enter editing mode to be able to adapt the apps to the way we like the most.

It should be noted that due to the existence of ways to perform the same procedure, The way to activate the editing mode is the same, since all the icons will start to shake. Now, with the icons in editing mode, we can create folders, edit them, move them and create subfolders and even share them through iCloud.

How to create and edit a folder

The procedure of create a folder It is very simple, due to the fact that with the edition mode activated, we have to select an app and bring it closer to another app. Just then a folder with a default name is created. We can keep that name or change it. Then, click OK to exit editing mode.
If you want to change the folder name, you have to go to editing mode and click on the folder you want to change the title. Next, click on the title and a pop-up opens to change the name of the folder and edit it in the most correct way possible. Then we touch outside the folder to close it and press OK.

Lastly, the folders are not closed objects, but you can add new apps by entering edit mode again and adding new folders. Within them, you can determine the order you want of the applications, so the editing capacity is incredible.

How to create a subfolder

The process of creating a subfolder starts in the same way as previously mentioned. To create a folder within a folder, we have to hold down an app and insert it into the aforementioned option. then in edit mode, you have to select the folder you want to insert and drag it to another folder. At this time, the folder is inserted inside the folder by creating two types of files: the standalone apps and the apps that are inside the folder.

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We have already seen how to create folders and subfolders, but, How do we remove them? There are two ways for it. A first option is extract all apps What do we have in the folder? This way, once the folder is empty, it is gone. A second idea is in editing mode, select the entire folder and when a window appears, press a “Delete folder”.The apps will automatically be moved to the app library.