We explain to you How you can create your own ringtones for the iPhone, completely freewithout having to download any application from the internet and in very few steps.

We all like to customize the sound of our iPhone when they call us, including being able to set different tones for specific contacts. The easiest way is to download them from the iTunes application on our iPhone, which has an impressive catalog of ringtones, but they obviously cost money. It's not ruinous to spend a euro on a ringtone, but What if I told you that you can easily do it yourself without having to spend a single cent? Well, that's what I show you in this video in which I explain step by step how, from a simple audio file that you have on your computer, you can create a ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone.

To be able to do it you have to meet some requirements very simple:

  • The ringtone cannot be longer than 3o seconds
  • The file must be in *.m4r format
  • The file cannot be protected by DRM (copyright)

For all this we are only going to use the Music application on our Mac, which is already pre-installed. You do not need to have any type of active subscription, since the file you are going to use is stored on your computer. You cannot use the music inside the app, because it is protected with DRM, so you must already have the file on your computer and without copyright. With the Music app, what we are going to do is select the segment (no more than 30 seconds) and obtain the *.m4r file that we will then transfer to our iPhone using the Finder application (Mac File Explorer). Once this is done, we will have the ringtone inside our iPhone and we can select it from the device settings, within Sounds and vibrations>Ringtones.