How to disable WiFi and Bluetooth on iPhone for more than 24 hours?

All this without you having activated the option again, but why does it happen? Is there any way to permanently disable, until I want, these types of functions? Yes, and today we are going to see how.

Disable Wifi or Bluetooth on iPhone

Most people, including myself, to disconnect one of these two services, all we do is lower the task bar, and in the visible icons, select the one we want to turn off or on.

It is the simplest method, and the truth is, very practical, however, the next day we see how we are connected to the car's Bluetooth again, or to the WiFi of that bar that works terribly, but why? If we don't we have activated it.

The reason is very easy to understand, and it is that, by disconnecting the networks in this way, what we are telling Apple is that we want to do it only occasionally, for 24 hours, and then, in case we forget, activate it again.

It is not a bad method to prevent us from not connecting the WiFi when we get home, and spending many days consuming data, however, sometimes we want it to be that way, so how do we do it?

It is as simple as carrying out the process from the Settings menu. For them we are going Settings – Wifi/Bluetooth and within the corresponding section we activate or deactivate the service with the green or gray dot, depending on whether we want it connected or not.

Doing it this way and from this menu, the connection will be disabled until we do it again manually.

We can also create routines, and have them activated or deactivated directly when we leave a place, or arrive at it. It is much more convenient if, for example, we only want to use our home network for security or speed. If we check this option, it will only be activated when we are at home, and, therefore, outside of it it will not work, without us having to do anything.

iphone wifi automation

So nothing, now that you know, you have no excuse to say that it has connected itself. You know, if you are going to want to remove it momentarily, use the drop-down bar, but if not, go to the settings to do so, since otherwise, you will have to do it every day.

And you, did you know about this function, or is this the first time you've heard about it? I have friends and family who have wanted to return their iPhone because it was working poorly, since their WiFi connected and disconnected without them touching it… Anyway, now you know why that is. Although the truth is that it would be nice to be able to do it from there permanently, most people believe it can be done, so Apple should think about that average user.