How to distinguish a fake iPhone on Wallapop

Wallapop is an online sales platform between users who want to buy or sell a product of any theme and nature. One of the most sold products are the products of the bitten apple. In this post we are going to analyze some tips for determine if an iPhone is fake or not.

If you are a user who normally goes to wallapop You will have found products at a very competitive price, which is a “bargain” that you cannot refuse. To all this, it is added that when you connect with the seller and lower the purchase price a little, he has no problem lowering it because he urgently needs to sell the product. If you have this type of situation, it is it is possible that the iPhone is fake.

The price and the buyer

To find out if an iPhone is original or not, the first thing we advise you to do is be wary of extreme offers. Before launching to buy the product, find out what the price of the product is in Apple or in official suppliers. So if the iPhone is priced too low, you may be subject to fraud. This type of offer does not have to be from an individual, but can also be from small companies that have web pages with ghost products.

Regarding this second option, at first it may seem that the page is legal because it has an online payment system, registration and that it complies with all security measures. However, we have to avoid falling into this trap because the price is too low. Therefore, one way to know if the product is fake is to ask the seller for the return conditions if the product is defective. Based on your question, we can determine the truth or falsity of your offer.

iPhone Pro Max sides

Kit components and hand feel

If the price and the page convey confidence, we can go one step further to find out if the product is fake or not. It is true that it is a more difficult process, but there is a mechanism to do it easily. Below we attach three ways to determine the veracity of the device.

  • Visual review of the device: In this case, at first glance it will be difficult to detect if the iPhone is fake or not, although if any part, such as the screen or the chassis, does not fit well, it is possible that it has been repaired or assembled unofficially.
  • Test the device: use the device for a few minutes by opening tabs in Safari, downloading and testing apps, if it is very slow it may have non-original parts. Try to sync it with your iCloud account. if the device is fake, it will not be able to sync easily or will indicate errors on the rest of your Apple devices.
  • The product includes original box and accessories: If the product does not include the accessories that Apple provides with your purchase, it is possible that the product has been assembled illegally, which is why it is a matter of doubt when it comes to its legality.
  • Check the model, existing serial number on the iPhone and on the invoice: Both the model number and the serial number appear on the back of the iPad, check that they match the ones in device information.

Common sense is essential in this type of situation and not jump for offers that have extreme prices and above all, consult a friend who has bought a second-hand phone and the price it cost to acquire it. iPhones are very expensive products, so it is impossible to find them at a very competitive price unless they are many years old.