How to download apps from Apple TV

How to download Apps on Apple TV?

The first thing you have to go to is tvOS App Store, which is very similar to what we have in macOS and iOS. At the top, there are various options such as “Discover”, “Apps”, “Games”, “Arcade”, “Purchased”, and the “Search option.” The latter is the one that will give us the possibility of being able to search for the app that we want to download. Since Siri Remote, We can activate the speaker to determine which app we want to download. However, we can also click on the button “space” and to be able to write from the iPhone or iPad the app that, as we have said, we want to download.

Once we have chosen how app let’s download, We have to add the download Apple password, regardless of whether it is a paid app or not, where we add the unlock code of our Apple ID from the aforementioned devices. It should be noted that you can put, as in the iPhone, Mac and iPad that only ask for the password in the event that it is the payment apps.

Where is the app located and managed on Apple TV?

The downloaded apps are located in the bottom of Apple TV, chronologically to how they were downloaded. However, these days there are different ways to customize the Apple TV Home screen. One piece of advice is to put in the top the apps you use the most, since they are the ones that you can have the most uses and be able to enjoy the experience of a satisfactory user experience.

To rearrange apps, You have to perform the following three steps:

  1. Navigate to an app and hold down the center of the control surface (2nd generation Siri Remote or later) or touch pad (1st generation Siri Remote) until the apps start to shake.
  2. Drag the app to another place on the home screen.
  3. To save the new order of apps, press the center of the control surface (2nd generation Siri Remote or later) or the touch pad (1st generation Siri Remote).

How to create and manage folders on Apple TV?

In it AppleTV, you can also create a applications folder as in iOS and macOS, being a very simple process that we are going to discuss below, although the first step is the same as the one described above-

  1. Drag the app over another app until a folder appears, and release pressure from the control surface or touch pad.
  2. To save the new order of apps, press the center of the control surface or touch pad.
  3. To rename the new folder, make sure the folder is highlighted, swipe up, and use the onscreen keyboard or dictation to enter a custom name.
  4. To delete a folder, drag the app back to a row on the Home screen, and then lift your finger from the control surface or touch pad. The folder will be deleted after you remove the latest app.

Finally, the described process of app download and management it is the same on all Apple TV models compatible with the latest version of tvOS.