How to enable Live Activities with “more frequent updates”

Yesterday we were waiting like rain in May (or cold in December) for Apple to launch the iOS version 16.2 publicly to be able to update our iPhone as soon as possible and enjoy the new features that they have incorporated. One of the most important is the possibility of activate for Live Activities a more frequent update and, therefore, more real and accurate about what is happening in the live event. But not everything is so simple: we must activate this functionality.

To activate this functionality we will have to do it, in addition, specifically for each app that supports Live Activities (if it has been updated for it. The developers also do their part of the work here to be able to activate this functionality). And this is not something unreasonable, since this functionality will spend more battery in our devices by requiring a more constant update of the event and, therefore, sending and receiving notifications much more often.

This functionality was already included in the betas of iOS 16.2, and in this public version the way of activation and we can continue to activate the toggle to allow a frequency of updating the Live Activities, or, as Apple puts it: “More frequent updates.” We must do it as follows.

How to turn on More Frequent Updates in Live Activities

First of all, we must make sure that we have installed iOS 16.2 on our device (without it, it will not work). It should also be remembered that must be done individually for each of the apps that support it, so there will not be a single button that activates it for all due to performance and battery issues. Once we have this clear, we must do the following:

  1. we will open the app Settings on our iPhone.
  2. We will go down in the menu until the app that we want to manage and open it.
  3. Once inside, we will access Live Activities.
  4. We activate the toggle «more frequent updates«.

If in any of the third-party applications that you use, this does not appear yet, it means that the app has not yet been updated to support this functionality. Now it’s the developers’ job so that we can enjoy and get the most out of our iPhone with Live Activities.