How to exit an app that has been caught

Macs are not infallible equipment and sometimes they can report errors. These errors can occur in the simplest app like Pages or when we are doing complex processes in Final Cut or Photoshop where the Mac can’t process all the information it receives. The only solution we have is to force-close the app and that is a force-close way of the app. then vWe are going to see some options to get out of blocked applications in macOS.

Basic solutions to close applications

Surely you have ever had problems when closing an application on your Mac, even using the forced closings that we all know. However, there are some additional basic processes that we all need to know about and that in most cases does not solve the problem. The fastest way to close the application is to go to the top bar and with the application Selected, click on close the application. We can fall into the mistake that it is the same as using the right button and closing the application, but since macOS, the form of closure is much more abrupt.

If the app doesn’t respond even by pressing a force closing, if you apply keyboard combination command + option + escape, the window to force close automatically appears. In this, it shows you all the programs that we have open on the Mac. We click on force quit in the app that we want to close and it is closed quickly.

Advanced processes of closing an application

In the event that the options discussed in the previous section do not take effect, there is a slightly more complex and advanced since we are going to have to access the system and terminal applications. We analyze the steps that we have to take next both in utilities and in the terminal. A first alternative is through the folder Applications. If we want to close an application from there, we have to go to the folder utilities and we entered the activity monitor. From this window, we can search for the application that we want to exit. If many apps appear, you can search for the app through Command and the F key. Once the application is detected, click on the X button located at the top and click on the option to force quit.

If we still can’t close the application, there is a more complex way, but it is the most efficient of all, since we are going to have to access the terminal that we can access from the utilities folder itself or from Spotlight, writing the word terminal. Once inside the terminal, we are going to write in the terminal the command ps-A and all the programs that macOS currently processes will automatically appear.

Surely, there will be many programs open, so through the Command option and the F key it allows us to quickly reach the app that is not reporting problems.xfOnce we have located the application, we have to find that the app is in the utilities folder, because if we force close another option, it can cause more problems. Once we have located the app and its reference, we go to the end of the finish and put “Kill plus the reference”. Automatically, the application is closed.