How to extend the battery of your Apple computer

The autonomy of Apple batteries, a real wonder

Apple has always been characterized by presenting products with a very good autonomy, with a duration from sunrise to sunset and their durability over time. However, Apple always seeks to offer the best experience for its users, so the latest software updates have included solutions to continue taking care of the battery and to make it last over time.

Tips to improve battery health

Very few users can have complaints about the duration of this unless they come with a factory defect. In fact, if you consume more than 20% of its capacity during the first two years, Apple replaces it for free. In addition, if you purchase the AppleCare+ service, the battery change could take place after three years, as long as you have spent the percentage indicated above. Next we are going to analyze some characteristics.

Before activating or modifying some configurations, you have to go to the control panel System preferences, Several settings are provided to help you improve your Mac notebook’s battery life. To view battery settings, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, click Battery or Power Saver, then select Battery in the sidebar.

The first option which is to activate the “Load Optimized”, which reduces battery wear and tear because your Mac learns from your daily charging habits to charge the battery up to 80% and finish charging before you unplug it from power. This option is very interesting if you have a daily job where you connect your Mac to an external monitor. Over time, macOS determines that at a certain time you deactivate the charger, so a time before it will finish completing its charge up to 100%.

A second option that is important to disable is the option “Activate Power Nap on battery power”. This setting prevents your Mac from checking for email or other updates from iCloud during sleep, which improves standby time.

The battery depends on you and your the specifications of your equipment

If you have a MacBook with very professional specifications, the equipment will demand a lot of energy, so the battery is very possible that the battery will be reduced faster than if you have a computer with basic specifications. To extend the battery in this type of circumstance, the best option is to activate “Automatically switch graphics mode”. This setting allows MacBook Pro models with multiple graphics processors to automatically switch between them to optimize battery life.

MacBook Air M2

To conclude, it is important to remember the importance of keeping your MacBook Pro, Air or MacBook always up to date, using official chargers and cables, and preventing the device from reaching high temperatures while charging or performing any activity. With these tips, your battery will surely last over time and you will enjoy all the benefits offered by the portability of the MacBook Pro.