How to generate images on your iPhone with AI

With the rise of artificial intelligence in recent weeks, GPT chat being one of the best known. However, in this articlelet’s see how you can integrate AI image generation from the iPhone.

First steps

The procedure to obtain this application is very simple and consists of 5 steps which we will describe below. You can do these steps from Safari, you don’t need another browser.

  1. The first thing you have to do is download Discord, and we can find it for free in the App Store.
  2. You open the app and register.
  3. Once you are registered, you have to go to the Safari application and you have to put the following URL:
  4. You click on the “join beta” button and it redirects us to our Discord account that we have created previously.
  5. You have to accept to enter the MIDdjourney service.

We are already in the channel in question. As you will see, there are a large number of channels, and it can be a bit tedious to see so much information and not know how to organize it. However, for imaging, we are interested in both options newbies 120 and newbies 150.

Once you are inside both channels, you have to determine the information you want to generate and the bot generates the image we are asking for. The good thing is that you can see what great images other users have generated and see what commands they have executed.

Create first images

To create our first images from the iPhone, We have to perform the following six steps, which are very simple and we are going to downgrade below:

  1. In the Discord message space you start by adding “/imagine”
  2. Then it appears automatically prompt What does the order that we are going to send to the AI ​​mean? In addition, we can give you the instructions in Spanish, because you understand our language, although it is most recommended that it be in English.
  3. The command would be as follows: /imagine promt: Rock concert in Antarctica.
    1. The first time you send an order to this bot, you will probably see a first order and you have to accept the terms and conditions.
  4. Little by little, a preview will be generated and the percentage of how it is generating the image through AI. It may take several seconds.
  5. When it is finished, we can see the images and their quality.
  6. Once you have determined the image you like, we are presented with 8 buttons. The U1-U4 buttons are for downloading the images you have chosen in the highest possible resolution. The V1-V4 options are variations of this generated image, and a small modification of the selected image is produced.

we return to midjourney

Once you have determined the type of image you want, indicate the U1-U4 and generates it for you in a larger resolution. To access the image you have to go to Safari, go to the MIDjouyney page and register. Once inside, you can save it from the photo album and you can share it from any social network.

In case you have made some variant, these are very small, and they are especially useful in the case that you have an AI generated image with a small part of the body or the image with a small error. If the variant convinces you, you repeat the aforementioned process of adding it to your photo album.