How to get your 2023 Apple Music Replay playlist

Apple Music Replay 2023

Not only Spotify but Apple Music also has an end-of-the-year roundup feature. Here’s how you can access your Apple Music Replay playlist today.

Spotify owns a unique feature named Spotify Wrapped, which highlights your top artists, melodies, and genres of the year. This feature ends up being a viral sensation on various social platforms at every year-end. But Apple Music listeners need not feel left out. In reality, the 2023 Replay playlist has been accessible since January.

Although Apple Music Replay isn’t as comprehensive as Spotify Wrapped, it provides some intriguing stats and tailored playlists. These stats include total hours you’ve listened to music throughout the year, total artists you’ve listened to, and top artists along with the number of hours you’ve spent listening to each of them.

The 2023 playlist should be visible at the bottom of a user’s “Listen Now” page, provided they have added Replay playlists to their library earlier. However, you can even find more data by heading over to the Replay website.

Below is how to retrieve your Apple Music Replay stats and playlist:

  1. Go to using a desktop-class browser
  2. Log into your Apple Music account
  3. Take a screenshot of your stats for sharing purposes
  4. Scroll down to find a special playlist

Clicking on the link mentioned above will open the Music app on iOS/iPadOS devices. This action will present you with a desired playlist, albeit without the year’s metrics. To see a full array of metrics, make sure to explore the Replay website using a desktop browser.

Every year, this special playlist is generated a few weeks post-New Year, and it’s automatically updated weekly until the year ends. These playlists are created for each year you’ve subscribed to Apple Music, dating back to its inception in 2015.

The Apple Music Replay playlist features the top 100 songs depending on your most frequent listens. Moreover, as there’s a playlist for each year, you can observe how your music taste has metamorphosed over time.

You can visit the Apple Music Replay website anytime to access the updated stats and playlists. The 2023 Replay playlist is already accessible and is updated every Sunday with new tracks until the year ends. Detailed metrics should exhibit the quantity of songs and artists you’ve listened to, along with milestones such as if or when you have listened to 1,000 songs.

Steps to Access Your 2023 Apple Music Replay Playlist